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‘Net’s Best Satire’ E-book Marked Down: Only 99 Cents!

Sep 132012
 By , September 13, 2012

News roasted by some of the best satire writers on the web

Now you can enjoy your news heavily roasted, by some of the best satire writers on the Web, for merely 99 cents!

Nets Best Satire, Vol. 1This collection of media stories brings together the funniest, most insightful pieces of parody and sharp irony available. Comprised of nearly 70 individual humor pieces by 28 authors, the book offers a burning critique of everything that happened in 2011.

Covering world events, politics, sports and pop culture, this assemblage of satire includes such stories as:

“NATO Offers ‘Groupon’ Discount to Arab Spring Uprisings,”
“Romney Dazzles in Swimsuit Portion of Debate,”
“McDonalds Launches Healthy Go-Eat-Elsewhere Option,” and
“First Lady Vows to Humiliate One Fat Kid Per Week.”

These humorists are very good at what they do. Read them here but then find them online. See what they have to say. You will be better off for it.

Available at:

– Nook at, direct link,

– Kindle on, direct link

Free readers for multiple devices available for Nook here and Kindle here.

Download a sample on Amazon here.

“Funnier than monkeys on skates shooting down ramps through a cream pie factory. More laughs than your typical Texas school board election. Order this book now, or you’ll be kicking yourself until the end of time.”
Will Durst — World-renowned political comedian —

“Net’s Best Satire is a great and hysterical read! With the elections right around the corner, I recommend 2 things; a voters card and Net’s Best Satire tucked in your political tool box, you’ll need it!”
Will Roberts — Political Humorist —

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