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Revealed: The Best Fails on the Internet

Feb 202015

Some videos are funny for all the wrong reasons

The digital age has brought about some monumental changes to the ways in which we go about our daily lives. Some are good; some are bad – while it seems like fun to document every move we make via Instagram with our smartphones, there are those who may consider this something of a ‘Big Brother society.’

With the constant capturing of just about everything however, this does give rise to some brilliant comic videos – some of which are funny for all the wrong reasons. Whether they’re social media crazes or just simple moments of misfortune, here are some of the best fails to hit the internet.

Ice bucket challenge fails


Unless you were hiding under a rock during the summer of 2014, you probably didn’t miss the biggest social media craze to hit the internet. The ice bucket ‘challenge’ involved philanthropic participants throwing buckets of ice cold water over their heads, and in turn encouraging viewers to donate money to charity, before nominating others.

The trend attracted the likes of celebrities from Shakira to Morgan Freeman, but it was certainly not without its fails. From dropping the buckets onto people’s heads to straight up running into lamp posts, a simple good cause managed to turn into a breeding ground for accidents.

Le grand casino fail

Obviously, filming in casinos is for the most part prohibited, but that is not to say that there haven’t been more than a few cases of documenting some of the best casino fails. We’d be here all day if we were to list every time a drunk-with-power fool placed all his money on red, but there was one particular fool who went as far as to do so live on television.

Step forward, British illusionist Derren Brown. In 2009, he thought he could use his Jedi mind tricks to win £175,000 on a roulette wheel by predicting the right number. He even managed to trick one unsuspecting stranger into giving him the £5,000 stake. When the time came however, Brown jumped the gun, and missed his prediction by one number. While he could have brushed up on his techniques at Spin Palace to avoid the embarrassment, Brown instead chose to vent on YouTube, saying he had “f*cked it up.” All was not lost though – the unsuspecting donor got his money back.

Cops and robber fails

There aren’t enough hours in the day to name the best cops and robber fails on the internet, and suffice to say, these epic fails have become something of a genre in themselves. In fact, shows such as America’s Dumbest Criminals were commonplace way before the advent of YouTube.

Whether it’s justice being served or even the American police force making a few faux pas every now and then, you can guarantee it’s caught on camera. Check out this amazing serving of karma, for instance.

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