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The Town Scryer is a mixed bag of humor, socio-political observations and ephemera from the perspective of a eclectic Pagan veteran of the counter-culture. Philip Posehn's main blog is at The Town Scryer.

Feb 092013
 By , February 9, 2013

An acquaintance of mine posted the following on facebook:

“Re-Post if Your Home Is NOT a Gun-Free Zone”

Allow me to make myself clear: If you plan on coming to my home packing heat, you had damn well better ask my permission first. I serve adult beverages to my guests and if you are strapped on, you just became the designated teetotaler.

I have been out drinking with cops who turn into heavily-armed assholes after the third scotch, and they are “trained professionals.” That doesn’t stop them from dropping a “butt crack .22” into someone’s drink for a laugh or emptying the magazine of their Glock into the air in the parking lot just so they can laugh at how high you jump.

You may have the right to bear arms, but once you cross my threshold, I make the rules.

Jan 272013
 By , January 27, 2013
She Walks Among Us

     Some months ago I relocated from Sacramento to Woodland in order to regroup. Shortly thereafter I gained survival employment …back in Sacramento. As a result I commute there to work, but shop here as a rule. Still, now and then…

Oct 212012
 By , October 21, 2012
Notes From The Belly Of The Beast

I haven’t been posting much of late.

   I have recently started a new job and the training is 4PM to Midnight. The internal clock is still recalibrating. So it has come to pass that I am working for a major telecom company again. Back to th…

Oct 062012
 By , October 6, 2012
Not Exactly The Emerald City

   A newly minted University graduate with a degree in music has been reduced for the nonce to playing cowbell for an unappreciative audience of birds.

     Jamie Fox spends all day in a farmer’s field, dressed all in orange…

Sep 302012
 By , September 30, 2012
Living Graffiti

    Under the cover of the ubiquitous San Francisco fog, the Guerrilla Grafters strike, grafting fruit tree branches onto fruitless trees and bringing pears and plums and cherries to working class neighborhoods. 


Sep 222012
 By , September 22, 2012
It's A Dirty Job, But...

   Peter Houison Craufurd, 28th Laird of Craufurdland Castle, and Washer of The Sovereign’s Hands, has died at the age of 82. For years he has awaited the pleasure of Her Majesty with a with a silver ewer, bowl and salver holding a linen tow…

Sep 202012
 By , September 20, 2012
Vikings Land in Australia

     Police and local rangers on Elcho Island in the Northern Territories of Australia were somewhat surprised when the received reports of a Viking longboat off shore. 

     “With swords drawn, it was establish…

Sep 152012
 By , September 15, 2012
A Different Kind of 'Privatization'

     Five months ago a public library was closed in north London as part of a cost-cutting measure. Now a remarkable thing has happened. A group of squatters composed of artists, students and a former librarian have moved into the libra…

Sep 092012
 By , September 9, 2012
The Financial Rapine of Our Health Care System

    The following is cross-posted from tywkiwdbi with a few small additions. It is my favorite blog. You should visit it often.

My aunt, aged 94, died last week. In and of itself, there is nothing remarkable in this statement, …