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Dec 242015
 By , December 24, 2015
Report: 'Militia' Not Referring to Those Formed in Backyard

2nd Amendment report regarding the intended meaning of “well-regulated militia” will not please gun rights advocates. WASHINGTON — Earlier today, The Nil Admirari (TNA) released a report following its consultation with Second Amendment experts from every academic corner of the United States regarding the “well [more…]

Dec 112015
 By , December 11, 2015
Trump Burns Constitution to Chants of "U-S-A"

Calls Constitution ‘liberal rag’ as it burns COLUMBUS, OH — This morning, Republican presidential candidate and rabble-rousing billionaire Donald Trump burned the original U.S. Constitution while his supporters chanted “U-S-A” during a rowdy campaign rally. It was not initially clear how Trump obtained the actual Constitution, [more…]

May 012014
 By , May 1, 2014
Study: Guns Linked to Gun Violence

People may kill people, but guns help, turns out According to the American Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, a recent study revealed that, of all crimes committed in the United States with a firearm, 100% of those crimes had guns involved. This new [more…]

Feb 062014
 By , February 6, 2014
Obama Gives Up Fight With NRA, Sort Of

Before the speech, Fox calls Obama a ‘waffler,’ for giving them and the NRA what they asked for. Many believed it would be a dramatic and historic meeting between President Obama and NRA leader Wayne LaPierre when they met at a press conference in New [more…]

Jan 152013
 By , January 15, 2013
'The Gun Bubble is Real' Claims Financial Wizard

E. Edmund Worthington, a foremost prognosticator in the world of weapons pricing, is warning potential gun buyers to save their cash and quit buying guns. “The prices are way too high now folks,” said Worthington in a voice resembling a concerned father, as he began [more…]

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