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Jan 202017
 By , January 20, 2017
Fake Inauguration Staged in Midst of Fake News Era

Editorial: What America witnessed today was not a legitimate inauguration, but a fake one, for an illegitimate president, the ‘yuuuge’ loser of the popular vote, who gave a fake populist speech. Alleged President Donald Trump’s inauguration speech was riddled with “populist” messages about helping the [more…]

Dec 112016
 By , December 11, 2016
Must-Watch Video for All Who Want Fair Elections

Why is Jill Stein leading the recount effort? Who cares? We had all better get on board, and be damn glad someone hopped on this issue in a timely manner. An Amy Goodman interview with Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein, who has requested [more…]

Oct 102016
 By , October 10, 2016
Election Editorial: Leaky Boat

Plug the leak and get us to shore before we all sink! An election editorial. In my humble opinion, people who say they’re not voting for anyone for president, or will only vote for a third party candidate, are like people aboard a leaky ship [more…]

Nov 212015
 By , November 21, 2015
Level-Headed Foreign Policy Needed

The next president better have a sane foreign policy, or hello, WWIII The coordinated terrorist attack in Paris and elsewhere underscores the need for a disciplined, level-headed foreign policy here at home. When the U.S. invaded Iraq under the leadership of George W. Bush and [more…]

Sep 222015
 By , September 22, 2015

We shouldn’t be surprised the reality show host is ‘winning’ the Republican ‘debates.’ Once again, the country is gearing up early – very early – for a presidential election, American style. However, rather than being the serious undertaking it should be, and a source of [more…]

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