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Dec 292016
 By , December 29, 2016
How the Trump Stole America: A Poem

How the Trump Stole America Politics in America had suffered a blow Americans were fed up with the status quo Obama did what he could with what given The red states were mad, they were hellbent and driven Give us a new leader, give us [more…]

Feb 222014
 By , February 22, 2014
The Fight Against Breast Cancer: Turning into a Circus?

Breast cancer awareness: Going a bit nuts over pink Ok, I’ve officially seen it all. Well, that may be an exaggeration. I’m sure there are plenty more “save the breasts” campaigns I’ve not seen yet. I thought the shirts worn by men saying “I Fight [more…]

Jan 042013
 By , January 4, 2013
One Sniff, Two Sniffs, Old Cliff, New Cliff

One Sniff, Two Sniffs, Old Cliff, New Cliff In the talks Speaker Boehner was having a fit, I don’t like this at all, not one little bit He said as he sat like a lump on the couch I’ll show you who’s boss said the [more…]

Jan 012013
 By , January 1, 2013
Fiscal Cliff Sing-Along

While we wish we could say the economy is just humming along, we can’t so, why not just join our Fiscal Cliff sing along instead? Oh no, Oh no (Hi ho, Hi ho) Oh no, Oh no It’s over the cliff we go No deal [more…]

Nov 022012
 By , November 2, 2012
Where Are All the Obama Signs?

Several Florida residents are scratching their heads and wondering why there is a dearth of Obama signs in the Orlando area. Janie Collins, a 27-year old volunteer with the Obama campaign says she has gotten the same question from several of her supporter friends. “At [more…]

Nov 012012
 By , November 1, 2012
Early Romney Voters in Ohio Asking for Do-Over After Sandy

‘Voter’s remorse’ strikes as real-world problems highlight differences between candidates Requests are flooding the Ohio Supervisor of Elections office in Columbus, Ohio from early voters who want their ballots stricken from the record and allowing them to cast a re-vote, this time for Barack Obama. [more…]

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