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Sep 072016
 By , September 7, 2016
The 2016 Presidential Election: It Could Be Worse

We love to complain about the candidates we have for the 2016 election, but it could be much worse. As much as we bitch about the weak selection of candidates we have for the presidential election at the moment, we should pause and reflect on [more…]

Aug 312016
 By , August 31, 2016
News of the Future: Trump's Wall Visible from Space

The wall President Trump built on the Mexican border is now the second man-made object visible from outer space. Dateline: May 23, 2019 The orbiting space station has confirmed that President Trump’s “Wall to Save America,” which was finished just last week, joins the Great [more…]

Feb 282016
 By , February 28, 2016
Thoughts That Need to Be Thunk About for 2016

Deep thoughts and questions for 2016 If Donald Trump wins the 2016 Presidential election, he will consider all of us to be ‘losers.’ If the Occupiers of the wildlife refuge took over the land there wouldn’t they probably shoot all the ducks? Do the Republicans [more…]