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Aug 082017
 By , August 8, 2017
Wall Street Thieves Find New Ways to Steal from Us

Only a decade later, here come the Wall Street burglars again! The self-described “Geniuses of Wall Street” are being stupid. Again. In 2007, their stupid schemes and frauds crashed our economy, destroying middle-class jobs, wealth and opportunities. Far from getting punishment, however, these financial scofflaws [more…]

Aug 022017
 By , August 2, 2017
A Deere in the Spotlight

Is John Deere trying to make outlaws of do-it-yourselfers? When I was a boy, I loved spending time with my Uncle Ernest and Aunt Eula on their small northeast Texas farm. They pulled a frugal living from their 50 acres, raising a little bit of [more…]

Jul 222017
 By , July 22, 2017
The Partisan Use of Preemption Is Surging

The greediest corporations and grubbiest of politicos have colluded to use preemption to take power from the people. We the People are being burgled. Again. The latest hit is just the latest in a long string of political robberies, a nationwide crime wave being pulled [more…]

Jun 142017
 By , June 14, 2017
The GOP Will Free You from Having Health Care

The public is ready for Health Care for All – where are our so-called ‘representatives’? When I think of freedom, I think of it in positive, aspirational terms — our First Amendment freedoms, for example, or FDR’s “Four freedoms” or the uplifting songs of freedom [more…]

Jun 102017
 By , June 10, 2017
Will You Enlist in Trump's War?

Trump might have dodged military service in his youth, but he is pondering a real shooting war now. Doggonit, Donald Trump missed the opportunity to become a General Patton-style military commander and glorious war hero back in the Vietnam era. He surely would’ve been the [more…]

May 312017
 By , May 31, 2017
Where Does Inequality Come From?

The vast inequality that’s rending our society is not a natural, inevitable or accidental phenomenon. The vast inequality that’s rending our society is not a natural, inevitable or accidental phenomenon — it’s caused intentionally by policy decisions that corporate and political officials make, often in [more…]

May 252017
 By , May 25, 2017
What is Worse Than Being Poor?

One especially ugly example of how poor kids are treated in school is an abhorrent practice called “lunch shaming.” These are hard times for America’s gold miners. They’re struggling to haul wealth out of the land, but seeing their pay dropping further and further down. [more…]

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