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Oct 212016
 By , October 21, 2016
A Tale of Two Pipes in North Dakota

In North Dakota, it’s the Native American ceremonial pipe vs the bruising financial power of a giant oil pipeline company. In bad movies (and bad history alike), the Native American ceremonial pipe figured prominently as symbol of defeat — typically in a cliched scene of [more…]

Oct 122016
 By , October 12, 2016
The Ethical Rot of Wells Fargo, from the Top Down

Wells Fargo has been burrowing ever deeper into ethical slime Just when you thought that Big Banker greed surely bottomed out with 2008’s Wall Street crash and bailout, along comes Wells Fargo, burrowing even deeper into the ethical slime to reach a previously unimaginable level [more…]

Oct 072016
 By , October 7, 2016
It's 'Our Revolution,' and it's on the Move

Democratic change comes when workaday people start standing up, ala the Bernie Revolution. Revolutions R Us! From the big one in 1776 that created our nation to Bernie Sanders’ 2016 political revolution uprising against America’s new plutocratic elites, democratic change comes when workaday people start [more…]

Sep 272016
 By , September 27, 2016
Laboratories of Democracy

The states are supposed to be laboratories of democracy, not strongholds of plutocratic power. In a 1932 dissenting opinion, Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis noted that the benefit of America’s federal structure is that “a single courageous state may, if its citizens choose, serve as [more…]

Sep 222016
 By , September 22, 2016
Donnie is a Trumpist, not a Populist

Trump is a lot of things, but he is no populist To many hard-working people, this is a time of economic uncertainty. Thus, it is important to point out that America’s superrich are intentionally and brazenly knocking down the middle class and poor to further [more…]

Sep 142016
 By , September 14, 2016

Our public Post Office does an amazing job very efficiently – don’t believe the lies that it is insolvent. Although most of us take it for granted, America’s postal service is an amazing bargain. For only 47 cents, you can purchase a “Forever” postage stamp. [more…]

Sep 072016
 By , September 7, 2016
Cleaning Up After Pundits

Cleaning off the horsestuff that careless politicos dump on the word “populist.” Being a muckracking political writer often makes me feel like a custodian in a horse barn, constantly shoveling manure. It’s a messy, stinky job — but on the bright side, the stuff is [more…]

Aug 172016
 By , August 17, 2016
Fake Populist: Donnie's Little Lies are Huuuuuge

Trump tries to sound like a populist, but his policies are just more trickle-down hokum. An old saying asserts that falsehoods come in three escalating levels: “Lies, damn lies, and statistics.” Now, however, we’ve been given an even-higher level of intentional deception: Policy speeches by [more…]