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Jan 182017
 By , January 18, 2017
We Can Beat Back the Reign of Trump

What Trump DIDN’T say in his blustery speeches will surprise his supporters. Buckle up, friends. Most Americans are about to be detoured onto a rough and rocky back road called “Trump Way.” The autocratic tycoon was unabashed on the campaign trail in promising his victory [more…]

Jan 132017
 By , January 13, 2017
Searching for Integrity in Trumplandia

Trump threatens tariffs on foreign-made goods, so what about his daughter Ivanka’s company? It’s about time America has a president who will stand up to those greed-headed corporate executives who keep hauling our middle-class jobs out of country. Bring those jobs back home, Donald Trump [more…]

Jan 042017
 By , January 4, 2017
A Political Party Worth Joining

Democrats vs Republicans? That’s so old hat. The best political party in America is not the Dems nor the Repubs. By far, the best political party is a real party named “Fighting Bob Fest.” It’s a daylong, outdoor political festival run by a coalition of [more…]

Dec 282016
 By , December 28, 2016
Merry Christmas: Right-Wingers, the Red Pope and Jesus

The far right’s God-awful “War on Christmas” Aah, ’tis the season for family, friends, eggnog, chipmunks singing Christmas carols — and all-out, no-mercy, blow-’em-all-to-hell war. Not war like in Afghanistan. No, no — this is the far right’s God-awful “War on Christmas.” In this season [more…]

Dec 202016
 By , December 20, 2016
What is the 'Trump Fix'?

The Trump transition team is a viper’s nest of pay-to-play corporate interests. In Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, it was his frequent, unbridled slaps at Wall Street elites and arrogant, job-busting corporate executives that gave him the “populistic” patina he needed to win. But wait a [more…]

Dec 062016
 By , December 6, 2016
Augustus Trumpus

Trump is the American Putin, whom none dare criticize, for fear of retribution. All hail Augustus Trumpus! All hail the American Putin, whom none can criticize! All hail the Great All Knowing One, who reveals “realities” that are not there and finds “facts” that mere [more…]

Dec 012016
 By , December 1, 2016
ALEC & the Koch Brothers Offer to Rewrite the Constitution

The new Founder, brought to you by the Koch brothers When you think of America’s great Constitutional originators, names like Madison, Adams, Jefferson, Washington, Hamilton and Franklin come to mind. And, of course, Abbott. This past January, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, the multimillionaire protege of [more…]

Nov 222016
 By , November 22, 2016

Trump on his own splendiforousness What an election year. I feel like I’ve been transported through a cosmic squirrel hole and into a baffling political universe where facts are fiction, bizarre is normal and corruption is a virtue. Am I hallucinating? Or has this insanity [more…]

Nov 182016
 By , November 18, 2016

Koch brothers money funding self-serving agenda Tug on any right-wing thread in America and you’ll most likely find that it’s tied to the multi-billionaire Koch boys, Charles and David. While the brothers are infamous for funneling hundreds of millions of campaign dollars to presidential, congressional [more…]