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Aug 272015
 By , August 27, 2015
Lost Journal: The Last Journal

Say it ain’t so, Tim! We’ve enjoyed every single “Lost Journal” column, and we wish Tim Mollen the very best! — ed. Journal entry: August 30, 2015 (age 46) – The Last Lost Journal Well, here it is: my “last journal” entry. More than ten [more…]

Jul 212015
 By , July 21, 2015
Lost Journal: Babysitter Could Child-Care Less

Journal entry: July 9, 1980 (age 11) – Babysitter Up until this summer, my 12-year-old brother, Dan, and I have had pretty good luck with our parents’ choice of babysitters. When we were very young, a grandmotherly woman named Daisy Cochrane watched over several of [more…]

Jun 292015
 By , June 29, 2015

Journal entry: April 22, 2011 (age 41) – Physical Therapy When an orthopedist recently suggested physical therapy to alleviate pain in my lower back and feet, he didn’t recommend anyone in particular. I chose Oakdale Physical Therapy & Fitness largely because I knew one of [more…]

Jun 242015
 By , June 24, 2015
Lost Journal: The Anticlimax of Spring Break '89

Journal entry: March 18, 1989 (age 19) – Spring Break ’89 Where to spend spring break this year was not a tough call. The obvious choice, when you attend a college like SUNY Oswego, where ropes are tied between buildings so that you aren’t carried [more…]

Jun 082015
 By , June 8, 2015

Journal entry: June 8, 1987 (age 18) – Senior Class Trip Today’s Monday, and we didn’t go to school. That was reason enough for the Seton Catholic Central High School Class of 1987 to celebrate. But more importantly, today was our senior class trip to [more…]

Jun 022015
 By , June 2, 2015

Journal entry: April 3, 2011 (age 41) – Dating Pool Using a Magic Marker, I just finished writing a flier that I’m going to copy onto fluorescent paper and staple to telephone poles in my area: Dear Potential Date, My name is Tim. I am [more…]

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