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Apr 202014
 By , April 20, 2014
The Death Penalty: Let's Get Lethaler

The term “death penalty” seems to criminally understate the case You’d think Americans have enough stuff to worry about. Severe drought desiccating a third of the country. A political system whose major talent is demonstrating stasis in action. The rich using the poor as fleshy [more...]

Apr 132014
 By , April 13, 2014
Patronizing Paychecks: Equal Pay

GOP knows that equal pay for women is just a liberal dirty trick In a move as surprising as limos at a state funeral the GOP has misplaced their ticket for the clue train. Yes, again. Just when you think they get it, party leaders [more...]

Apr 062014
 By , April 6, 2014
Tina Turner, Mad Max, Al Gore and You

Turns out, Al Gore was right According to a new UN report, there’s good news and bad news about global warming. The good news — it’s worse than we thought. Yeah. That’s the good news. The bad news — you don’t want to know. Because [more...]

Mar 302014
 By , March 30, 2014
Sawbucked to Death: Holding onto Your Money

Earning money is one thing, holding on to it is quite another. These days, the only thing harder than making money is hanging onto it. It’s easier to protect dandelion fuzz in a tornado. Everywhere you go, everyone wants a taste. Their only job is [more...]

Mar 242014
 By , March 24, 2014
The Frigid Fracas: Cold War Reprise

The Cold War is back and it’s colder and warrier than ever. After an absence of 25 years, it’s downright ducky to be able to welcome back one of the great socio-politico conflicts in the history of the planet. How about a round of applause [more...]

Mar 162014
 By , March 16, 2014
50 Shades of Cool: The Many Faces of President Obama

President Obama as Shapeshifter It was more amusing than piano-playing kittens to see Barack Obama plug the Affordable Care Act on Zach Galifianakis’ internet comedy show. Not late night. Not basic cable. An internet show: “Between 2 Ferns.” Even funnier was the President trotting out [more...]

Mar 012014
 By , March 1, 2014
It's Not the Hate, It's the Stupidity

Doing the right thing for all the wrong reasons, WTG, Arizona! Alright. Woo-hoo. We’re partying now. With the kind of enthusiasm normally reserved for sorting Phillips head screws from flat head screws, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer publicly vetoed SB 1062, legislation that would provide legal [more...]

Feb 232014
 By , February 23, 2014
2014 Political Animal Awards

Best of the year’s political animals! For all those who have spent the last couple of months shoveling out a car, you should know we’re at the tail end of awards season. And best be advised to hunker in a bunker wearing a Kevlar overcoat, [more...]

Feb 152014
 By , February 15, 2014
Green Rush Munchies

“Grassnost,” banks and the munchies It’s easy to imagine an arena full of Phish fans raising and waving their lighters to honor US Attorney General Eric Holder for suggesting the feds might help states that legalize pot by allowing dispensaries to utilize banking services. Way [more...]

Feb 082014
 By , February 8, 2014
Subway: Eat Fresh Plastic

Talk about your fortified bread: Subway has it No matter who you are or where you live or what you drive or whether you thought “The English Patient” or “Anchorman 2″ the funnier movie, it is time to take a stand on plastic bread. Here’s [more...]