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Oct 192014
 By , October 19, 2014
Voter ID: One Man, One Vote

Voter IDs — because nobody said democracy was supposed to be convenient Whiners. Bounders. Ingrates. Talking about the incessant griping and sniping currently buzzing over long overdue Republican reforms requiring citizens to produce a government issued voter ID before casting a vote. From the outcry [more...]

Oct 132014
 By , October 13, 2014
Scary Masks: Midterm Elections and Halloween

The midterm elections and Halloween are similar: both events highlight tricks and treats Hey everybody. The Midterms Are Coming! Or rather: the midterms are coming. To be most precise; themidtermsarecoming. Because the general response of the vast majority of Americans who aren’t stifling yawns is [more...]

Oct 042014
 By , October 4, 2014

‘Rocktober’ and other amiable etymological contractions Welcome to Rocktober, Baby. That’s what all the rock and roll radio stations call this, the 10th month of the year. Doesn’t require more than a casually cocked ear to realize the airwaves are flooded with concerts and giveaways [more...]

Sep 282014
 By , September 28, 2014
Daesh Bags

As they behead, rape and pillage, ISIS complains that calling them “Daesh” is disrespectful. Downright exciting to see President Barack Obama give that fierce and steadfast speech in front of the United Nations General Assembly, rallying the world against terrorism. See, GOP. He can be [more...]

Sep 212014
 By , September 21, 2014
Where's My Apple iPony?

The new Apple iPhone is like iGoldilocks: There’s a small, a medium and a large. Shake off the blues, put on your shoes, and tell grandma the news: the next generation iPhones are here. Cue the “woo- hoos.” And guess what: they’re huge. Or not. [more...]

Sep 082014
 By , September 8, 2014
How They Spent Their Summer Vacation

You wanted to know, we’re here to help: What the country’s top politicos did on their summer vacations. September is a grand month for traditions. Fresh pencils and tablets for the upcoming school year. The approach of fall as evidenced by the turning of the [more...]

Sep 012014
 By , September 1, 2014
The Two Tooth Advantage

Labor Day: This holiday is for you The plume of a great doom now looms. Talking about that wonderfully hideous first Monday in September — Labor Day. Yeah, sure, it’s a big time, bona-fide holiday, but being the last warm wet splash of summer — [more...]

Aug 242014
 By , August 24, 2014
Rick Perry's Smug Shot

Regarding the beaming leer in Texas Governor Rick Perry’s mug shot Knew he shouldn’t. Couldn’t help himself. Talking about the beaming leer in Rick Perry’s mug shot. Or to be more precise, his smug shot. In the photo released by the Austin Police Department, the [more...]

Aug 172014
 By , August 17, 2014
Don't Do Stupid Stuff: Hugging It Out

Hillary and Barack look forward to “hugging it out” The meeting probably wasn’t as awkward as Cain attending Abel’s funeral. Closer to Anna Nicole walking past her husband’s family in court. Surely had a Billy Bob Thornton/Brad Pitt-drunk at a wedding reception feel. Talking about [more...]

Aug 102014
 By , August 10, 2014
The Slacker Congress

113th Congress: Done doing nothing for now, taking a break. More fun than fourteen barrels of flunkies watching our elected officials exit Washington like scared rats streaming out of a sewer to escape Godzilla. And really, who can blame them? Anybody who’s ever spent a [more...]