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Jul 242014
 By , July 24, 2014
Republicans are Stuck on Stuck

Republicans: Doing nothing, and proud of it “Just following the will of the people.” That’s been the GOP rationalization for accomplishing absolutely nothing for five and a half years. Doesn’t matter what the issue is. Immigration. Jobs. Infrastructure. Climate change. Banking reform. The proliferation of [more...]

Jul 162014
 By , July 16, 2014
Hey, Facebook, Give Us Our Digital Cheese!

Predictable behavior from Facebook. After all, online privacy is like Taliban science. A fictional concept. Plenty of people had good reason to be in a foul mood back in 2012. The Detroit Tigers. Members of the Romney family. And, after making the acquaintance of a [more...]

Jun 222014
 By , June 22, 2014
How to Watch the World Cup

World Cup watching advice, American style The refrain has echoed across the globe our entire lives. “The World Cup is the most exciting sporting event on the face of the planet. Bigger than the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup and World Series combined and go ahead, [more...]

Jun 142014
 By , June 14, 2014
Cantor: Crow, Medium Rare

Eating crow, Eric Cantor style A massive Earthquake rolled through the Republican Establishment after Eric Cantor became the 1st sitting House Majority Leader to lose in a primary since, well… ever. Going back to 1899, the 19th Century. Back when Mugwumps bought buggy whips and [more...]

Jun 092014
 By , June 9, 2014
Smart Phone Zombies

Zombified into stupidity by smart phones You see them staggering down our streets, heads bowed as if in prayer, making the occasional grunting noise. Mindless drooling de-animated human husks walking blindly into fountains, crosswalks and lamp posts. Wake up people. We are in the middle [more...]

Jun 022014
 By , June 2, 2014
Plutocracy or Kochocracy?

The Koch-headed plutocracy has arrived In the bad old days, medieval German Lords figured out how to pocket some quick coin by charging a toll on the primitive paths meandering across their lands. The money wasn’t used to improve the roads or better the lives [more...]

May 252014
 By , May 25, 2014
Graduates: Welcome to the Real World

No-nonsense tips for this year’s graduates And now, an open letter to all you new graduates. Congratulations. Good job. Way to go. Bet you thought this day would never come. And if memory serves, it probably almost didn’t. Anyhow, welcome to the real world. And [more...]

May 162014
 By , May 16, 2014
The Benghazi Boogie

Republicans’ favorite manufactured boogeyman: Benghazi In order to function like a properly greased money machine, the GOP requires a chew toy. Something to snarl and wave and get a good growl on. Railing against easy-to-digest injustices is the perfect lubrication. Nuance – not their strong [more...]

May 032014
 By , May 3, 2014
Lazy Stupid Ham Butts

Bad week for old white racist men It wasn’t what you would call the most favorable week for old white racist men. Then again, these weeks, not many are.  How bad did it get for ancient intolerant Caucasian males? Bowling ball dropped on your little [more...]