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Apr 212015
 By , April 21, 2015
Bolting Colts & Wagging Nags: 2016 Presidential Derby

The 2016 presidential candidates are chomping at the bit “And They’re Almost Off.” Yes, the entrance to the 2016 Presidential Derby has officially been flung open wider than the gap between George Bernard Shaw and Pee Wee Herman. Backstage at the Bolshoi Ballet and the [more…]

Apr 122015
 By , April 12, 2015
Some Simple Solutions for America's Problems

America’s problems can seem daunting. Durstco is here to help. Modern life can get awfully complicated. And in our continuing quest to navigate these state-of-the-art raging rapids while keeping body and mind upright, we should be forgiven the occasional tendency to overthink things. (like the [more…]

Apr 052015
 By , April 5, 2015
FAQ: Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Getting you up to speed on Indiana’s new “religious freedom” law Q. Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence, signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. What’s the big deal? A. Two years ago, the US Supreme Court mandated that Indiana had to recognize same-sex marriages, essentially saying [more…]

Apr 012015
 By , April 1, 2015
Crazy Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz: First sighting of a red nose popping out of the presidential wannabe clown car. Winter is over! Winter is over! Excuse the jubilation, but we ink-stained wretches love the ritual excitement that occurs every spring. This spring is extra exciting, because it comes [more…]

Mar 232015
 By , March 23, 2015
A Bush vs Clinton Rematch

It’ll likely be Bush vs Clinton again. Comedians everywhere are rejoicing. You might want to stuff your pants pockets with sand and hang onto the rail as the ship of state lurches towards the distinct possibility that the next election to command the helm will [more…]

Mar 172015
 By , March 17, 2015
The 'E' in Email Stands for Evidence

No worries, America, Hillary Clinton assured us that all is fine, no emails to see here. The country breathed a collective sigh of relief following Hillary Clinton’s masterful press conference last week, held in response to the controversy surrounding her email troubles. “It’s all fine. [more…]

Mar 012015
 By , March 1, 2015
Democrats: Message, Message, Who's Got the Message?

It’s hard to beat: Democrats and their message Don’t look now, but the Democratic Party is undergoing an identity crisis of such monumental proportions, the Dissociative Identity Disorder people have called and are requesting artifacts for their Hall of Fame. Going to put Obama’s basketball [more…]

Feb 222015
 By , February 22, 2015
The Economy: Up Is Down

Everything you know about the economy is wrong, says Mitch McConnell. Best be advised to sit down, pour yourself a beer and take a deep breath. Because you’re about to hear something that will change your life. Forever. Are you relaxed? Good, because everything you [more…]

Feb 152015
 By , February 15, 2015
Gay Marriage and the New Tar Pits

Modern-day dinosaurs are still stuck on gay marriage Kind of sad being forced to watch the death struggle of these modern-day dinosaurs. Responsible parents should keep their kids from peering over the Plexiglas railing into the tar pits below to see the huge lumbering antediluvian [more…]

Feb 072015
 By , February 7, 2015
Brian Williams 'Misremembering'

At least Brian Williams got two out of three There’s a big bad brouhaha over at NBC with anchor Brian Williams misremembering being shot down in a helicopter on a trip to Iraq, when the facts seem to indicate that although he did fly in [more…]