junior scoop

Trump Jr. publicly celebrated an attempted homicide of Pelosi’s husband.

Republican’s turning “attempted murder” into comedy, that’s DISEASE- it’s ROT.

GOP end game – WIN by FEAR, encourage proxies to VIOLENCE, play victim, encouraging political assassination- “THEIR big joke”.

In Daddy’s shadow… Jr. never “waked a day” in his life.

“On the dole”-Mr. loud mouth puppet, appears SMALLER THAN LIFE- rotting social media HATE platforms.

Trump accuses the entire world of his stagecraft- LIE, CHEAT, STEAL.

GUILTY- for not behaving with human compassion.

The GOP-shills corporate greed.

Wealthy elitists triggering fear, weaponizing twitter, messaging low voltage followers- into being useful idiots- threatening voters.

Right before our American eyes – a FASCIST PLAYBOOK perfected by Mussolini.

(Never social justice or equality).

By Trump’s reckoning (and speeches)- everyone who isn’t shooting for him- “is scum”- deserving of hammer and zip ties- “GOP whateverism”.

Fascists view everything through gun optics- TRUTH, JUSTICE the AMERICAN WAY- it’s all “SNARE GAME”, for poachers.

Fear is the motivator; fascism is the amplifier- giving one “FAKE tough guy” total control- ends up as war-Putin’s ties with Trumpism- proves this (every day) in Ukraine.

Trump’s wretched kids- tomorrow’s proof.

Rotten little Junior never rolled far from Daddy’s small hands.

Shameless punk, empty pampered life… never “a kind deed or word”.

Another manicured bone spur…eagerly grifting strife.

In gold plated luxury, he-man (Junior) traveled to Africa… shooting endangered trophies – (chained cowering to a post)-

Fair game?

– for assholes! who can’t take… what they dish out.

John Thomas
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Signed: Glenn Jones