Rulings of the Supreme Cult

Supreme Cult

Top 10 Supreme Cult (er… Court) Satirical Rulings (and Announcements) since… well, since they granted Trump immunity for official acts!

10. Whoever drove in today in an electric car – move it or sell it or Trump won’t let us go to his “red, white & red” Mar-a-Lago cookout!

9. Whoever’s been playing “Baby Love” by the Supremes in the cloak room at friggin’ 9 am has to stop or we’ll have to learn how to dance!


8. Whoever doesn’t wear any pants under his robe… well, has balls!

7. Whoever’s been boasting: ‘I was grandfathered in’ this club – never was a grandfather!

6. Whoever has ‘the hots’ for Melania – snap out of it! She has her eyes on Canada’s Justin Trudeau! Haha

Supreme Cult

5. Whoever’s been flying flags upside down in their office has to tell us the meaning or we’ll all bring one in!

4. A beer keg is rolling around in room 330 & the noise is scaring our dobermans! Judge Kavenaugh please investigate!

3. ‘Caribbean water patrol’ just found Ginny Thomas’ bikini top! Clarence – pick up if you know what’s good for you! Sorry, too big for cubby – you’ll have to describe it!

Supreme Cult

2. Oh, Clarence – whoever lies about being sick on a Monday – has to prove he didn’t go to the beach!

And the #1 Supreme Cult ruling: What we don’t do for the Democrats!

Now we have to have our eyes examined! Three of our judges insist we see an optometrist about January 6th!

Do the best you can!

eye chart
A bathroom eye chart
Marilyn Sands