[Disclaimer: This is a satirical news piece, just for fun, read at your own risk!]

Buzzfeed Contributor Makes Top 10 Shit List

Being a contributor to Buzzfeed has benefits

Sometimes being a contributor to a popular website that makes lists of things has benefits, that’s what 28 year old Chad Hall found out this morning when he put several people on his top 10 shit list.

Buzzfeed Contributor Makes Top 10 Shit List“The guy who cut me off in traffic this morning definitely made the list,” Hall said after his fourth cup of coffee. “I’m still not sure what number he made…it’s between him and this girl who won’t email be back on EHarmony.”

Hall doesn’t get paid for his contributions to Buzzfeed. However, he pays the bills by being a customer service representative for Amazon.com. “The call I just had…the guy said it’s refreshing to finally speak to someone who speaks good English…not in the mood today for this bullshit, he might end up on the list.”

Buzzfeed has not returned any correspondence from this writer, we just got a generated form email that put us on a waiting list.