How the Other 1% Lives

From wearethe1percent

I’m Neil Bush.

Despite having driven every company I’ve ever been associated with into the ground, people, especially rich foreigners who want favors from the government, love to invest in me and my companies.

I make money the old fashioned way, from the inside. I once made over $600,000 in one day. People accused me of insider trading on that one, but I say “right place, right time.” I got a job with a Chinese electronics company that paid a cool $2,000,000 in stock plus $10,000 every time I opened my mouth.

Let’s not talk about Silverado Saving and Loan, ok? The taxpayers deserved their 1.3 billion dollar loss. Hell, I paid back the $50,000 I admitted I was responsible for.

They say there’s no such thing as royalty here in America… I say… “right place, right time.”

We are the 1%

We Occupy your Government.

Be seeing you.

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