Stephen Colbert: Trump May Be Onto Something When He Says the Vote Will Be Rigged

Trump is right: This election will be rigged!

Stephen Colbert had a powerful argument on the CBS Late Show last night, showing how Donald Trump is probably right — the election will be rigged.

Stephen Colbert, Trump, rigged electionNot only that, but millions of people are involved in the conspiracy!

Colbert also showed, using a simple, effective graphic on a chalkboard, how the media, Wikileaks and the Clinton machine are working together to smear Donald Trump as a real dick.

“Ever since the tape of Donald on the Billy Bush locker bus came out, Trump has been fending off attacks like a woman meeting Donald Trump,” he began.

Donald Trump has continued to deny all the charges against him, saying that attacks by the many models who have come forward to reveal his alarming behavior are false.

The women have all said that Trump would come into dressing rooms unannounced, with young models in various states of dress — including completely naked. He claims the charges were all “lies, lies, no witnesses, no nothing… all big lies.”

So Colbert asks, “Was there anyone, anyone at all, backstage, at this pageant, who could corroborate her story?”

He then played the well-shared tape of the Howard Stern interview where Trump brags about doing just that. “I’m the owner of the pageant, so therefore I’m inspecting it,” he explains. “I sort of get away with things like that.”

Colbert sympathized: “What are you gonna do? It was a classic case of she said, he said ‘hell yeah!'”

Colbert then rolled out a chalkboard to illustrate how the media conspiracy is working against Donald. He explained how it all comes together, as he drew circles and connected lines, making the obvious conclusion unmistakably clear.

Check out his opening segment here:

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