The Humor Times Magazine Now Available at Barnes & Noble Stores Across the Country!

As of the first of the year, the Humor Times magazine is being carried nationally by Barnes & Noble — and now features almost all color throughout!

We are excited to announce that the first issue ever of the Humor Times will be available in Barnes & Noble stores (and others) across the nation, starting with the new year.

Humor Times magazine
Cropped image from the latest issue cover of the Humor Times magazine. Click to enlarge.

If you have never seen a copy of the Humor Times magazine, stop by a Barnes & Noble and check it out! The monthly magazine is basically a review of the news, told the fun way. We use the finest editorial cartoons by the best cartoonists, arranged by subject and strung together with a running narrative, to re-tell recent news stories in a hilariously satirical manner. (The magazine features many more editorial cartoonists than we have on this website.)

Political humor is big these days, on so many TV shows, online and in print — and for good reason. People are thirsty for the comic relief. The political battles being fought now are critical to the future of our nation, and it’s easy to get burned out by the seriousness of it all. That’s where we come in!

We make it entertaining, but we don’t hold back any punches. Politicians, celebrities, the media – they are all richly deserving of the satirical treatment we deliver.

We have also added a lot more color to the printed publication. Whereas before it was 20% color, now it is 80% color.

Thank you for visiting our website, but please, check out the magazine. Besides the stores, you can order a discounted three-issue trial run here for just five bucks, to be mailed right to your door!
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And don’t forget, the Humor Times magazine makes a great gift, for anyone who follows the news and has a sense of humor! Right now, you can get $5 Off with our New Year’s Special, good through January 31st. Give subs to friends, family, coworkers – even yourself! Subscriptions are available worldwide, in print or digital formats.

We welcome your feedback, whether by email, regular mail, or on our website or Facebook page comments.

Thank you very much, and enjoy!