Funniest Poker Moments

Poker can be a truly entertaining past-time

Serious game’ and ‘poker-faced.’ These are just two words that are often used to describe the professional game of poker, and how many regard the game. For most people, the game of poker is one that’s serious, and should be regarded with great attention, especially when it comes to skills and protecting the hand.

In fact, the word ‘poker-faced’ has been used extensively in the game to indicate that one is not showing any signs of facial emotions, as it can crew a free poker game. While the general understanding is that the game of poker is a serious game that requires your poker-face, it is actually quite fun. And in some poker online rounds, players end up behaving in the most hilarious and funniest ways, and make the poker game a truly entertaining past-time.

Kevin Heart — Recreating that poker table scene from Casino Royale (2016)

Sometimes, the best poker moments are those that happen on TV and movies. Just take the case of the show with Kevin Hart on Netflix (2016). The poker moment here may be forced and staged, but there’s no denying that you’ll end up laughing, if you can read between the lines. In one scene that re-creates the poker 888 scene from the iconic Casino Royale, Kevin Hart is known as Agent 0054, and in the scene, he was pitted to play poker against the evil villain, played by Don (Cheadle), in a winner take all game worth $1 million, with starting blinds worth $5/$10k. For those in the know, this scene is a re-creation of the poker game with Bond joining the poker table. The humorous exchange happened even before the cards have been dealt.

It all started when the dealer announced that ‘it’s a no limit poker, five communal cards, and two in ze ‘ole.

Kevin does a double take, and clarifies the statement. And the dealer once again says ‘two cards in ze ‘ole’. Kevin then responds that nothing is going through his hole, and rants that he doesn’t understand the game, and will not play it! The scene is much fun on screen, as Cheadle loses his cool, and was then escorted out of the gaming area.


Yes, he needs to take a piss on Twitch while playing poker

We know it’s gross, but this one’s for the books. In a Twitch stream dated April 20, 2015, an online poker enthusiast named Daniel Negreanu treated his Twitch viewers to something insane and totally not-poker. If you watch the video which is still available on YouTube, Negreanu was in the middle of a poker game when suddenly, he felt the urge to relieve himself. If you thought that he will professionally excuse himself, then you are totally wrong — the next scenes became the butt of jokes and source of laughter among his 4,000-plus Twitch viewers at that time.

This may seem like an ‘ewww’ moment for some, but for many poker online players, it was a hilarious moment that proves how lovable poker is! In fact, one avid poker player can’t help himself and tweeted what happened, allowing the world to know how hilarious and fun a poker game can be.


Mikhail “innerpsy” Shalamov and the reaction of “SolidPenis” after hitting the jackpot

Here’s another Twitch moment, and a test on how you will compose yourself after you have won the game’s jackpot. This funny story revolves around Spin & Go online poker tournaments and the jackpots that come with it. If you win the jackpot, how will you react? Based on the story that was shared by Mikhail “innerpsy” Shalamov, there’s this lucky poker player who won €250,000, and his antics was shown on Twitch.

The player used the screen name “SolidPenis,” which is funny in its own right, and was consumed by excitement and disbelief upon knowing that he won. As soon as the win has been confirmed, his face showed a range of emotions — there was disbelief, shock and elation. And before he can fully compose himself, he slapped himself, and poured water on the head! His reaction was priceless, and one scene that never gets old in our list of the funniest moments in poker.

Seat 1 at the Texas Hold’em table and the ‘big, burly man’

Sexism at the poker table, whether the Texas Hold’em or other variants, is often on full display. And for this next story that was shared in an online free poker forum is just one example of this. According to the poster, this story happened in 2007, and focused on a young and a attractive lady who sat at a table, and had a meaningful encounter with player from Seat 1. Seat 1 player was obviously smitten, and made a number of passes, and ended up miserably. He offered a drink, she refused, he asked for the number, she turned it down. The lady even shared that she had a boyfriend, and he can easily take on the guy.

Obviously irritated, he called her boyfriend, and asked him to come over. What happened next is a scene straight from a comedy film. When the third level was about to start, a large guy, at 7-feet with broad shoulders start to walk, and everyone on the casino fell silent, except for the guy who still keeps on blabbering. Just imagine his priceless reaction when he faced the guy. He ended up saying asking for forgiveness, sweat running down his forehead, with muffled laughter on the table!

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