Caught in the Trump Trap, Bolton Takes the Cheese

Trump Trap

Trump Trap

After calling John Bolton ‘A white furry pie-hole,’ the president set his Trump Trap with glee! 

Late last night, as the President usually ends his evenings; he put the Mouse Traps out for the White House vermin.

Lonely & down for a snack; Trump talks the latest (under the cabinet) visitor out of bolt’en!

I’m sorry.

‘John, I can offer you a chunk of the low fat or real cheddar – what’s your poison?’

‘What kind of choice is that, boss?’

‘That’s how I roll.’

Trump Trap

‘Why me, tonight?’

‘You’re annoying.  The noise your whiskers make when you’ve spotted a Saltine, your sorry tail waving a white flag & your opinion on which dictators I meet on my photo-ops.’

‘You chose me to be your rat.’

‘You’re a mouse & you’re a dime a dozen.’

‘But, I was your Top mouse.’

‘You don’t please me.’

‘Who do you think you are – Henry the 8th?’

‘You’ll get the low-fat!’

‘What will you tell the Press?’

‘That I fired you because you were lactose intolerant.’

‘I’ll write a book!’

‘I’ll write one first.’

‘I’ll sue you.’

‘Hahaha… by then I’ll be dead & buried.’

‘See you in hell!’

That’s the Title of my book!’

Trump Trap

Marilyn Sands