Famous Celebrities Known for Their Gaming Skills

Some famous celebrities, whether young or old, are gamers, and like to place wagers on high-rolling tables of casinos. While there are some who just prefer Online gaming sites for betting on sports or playing their favorite casino games like Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Bingo, Slots and many more. Either high-profile celebs, sports stars or just everyday folks, they all enjoy playing slots at casinos and reveling in fun. Some celebrities also seem to have their Lady Luck by their side.

Some casinos also offer private gaming experience to celebrities who want to enjoy their game without being deluged with clicks and questions by paparazzi, and those keen to show off their luck streaks, like to gamble in the open.

In this article we will talk about top celebrities who love gaming at casinos.

Pamela Anderson

The first at the list is Pamela Anderson, who is well known for her role in Baywatch. She managed to lose $250,000 at the game of Poker in one single night, but this did not have much effect on the young beautiful starlet as she was able to clear up the debt in single make out session. When the press asked her about her mysterious patron, she cavilled, but most people think that it was Antonio Esfandiari, later she later fell in love with and got engaged to.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is known as a blackjack player in casinos. It would not be wrong to say that he was addicted to the game of blackjack, at which he lost $60,000 just in a single hand of betting.

In 2001, Ben went to a rehab center to combat his gaming and alcohol addiction.

 He has participated in several high-stake blackjack tournaments. In 2004, Ben won the first prize at the California State Poker Championship of $356, 400, and this qualified him for the final tournament of the World Poker Tour.

David Gest

David Gest was infamous for his love of gaming at slot machines. David would spend 24 hours of the day chasing a jackpot. It is also rumored that he spent almost $10,000 on the game of slots. David Gest’s gaming habit took a tragic turn and it is said that, in his final years he was engaged in some serious behavior issues.

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is known as the Die Hard legend. He frequently visits different gaming casinos and gaming halls all around the world. His bank balance figures up to $180 million, and when you have a wealth of such large amounts, it’s tough for you not to spend.

It is reported that the star lost more than $100,000 in one go at the Palms craps table. But a year later he also managed to snag $500,000 in the game of baccarat at the Atlantic City. Wills has not been able to quit his gaming habits and he is still a hard-core gambler.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is a well-known golf player who is also fond of playing casino games like Blackjack and Craps. In the list of his casinos, his favorite ones are MGM Grand Resort, where he has a private suite always ready to host private parties, the next one is Mandalay Bay, where an annual charity night was held by him, and the last one is Bellagio, a leak from the casino suggests that, here he holds a credit of around $4 million.

It is also reported that he put $250,000 on one hand at the blackjack table. But this is not all, according to the rumors which claim that he has wagered $50 million on Las Vegas tables.


Like your favorite celebrity, even if you wish to try a hand on casino games, but do not want to pack for a real casino, then you have an option to explore online casinos which have a wide array of casino games which gives you the ultimate gaming pleasure from the comfort of your home.

Gamble to enjoy and unwind but do not get addicted to it.

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