Fed Up with Football, Rugby or Tennis? Consider a ‘Strange Sport’ to Switch Up Your Routine

Strange sports you’ve probably never even heard of.

Around the world, people are familiar with mainstream sports like football, tennis, rugby, running and swimming. Most of us tend to be familiar with the structure, rules and expectations with such popular games.

Quidditch. Photo by BenHollandPhotography.

In contrast, there is also a range of lesser-known sports which still maintain a time-honored tradition in many cases. Such as cheese rolling in Gloucestershire, England or Sepek Takraw which is popular in South East Asia.

So, if you’re keen to break away from the mainstream and read about sports you’ve probably never even heard of, continue reading. We provide a quick overview of the wackiest sports we could find around the globe.

Top 6 Strangest Sports Around the World Right Now

Sepak Takraw. Similar to volleyball, Sepak Takraw is played with your feet, hands, head, chest and knees to move the ball around. Particularly popular in South East Asia, it has now spread in popularity across 100+ countries as part of competitions held by the International Sepak Takraw federation.

Quidditch. Originally a fictional sport first described in the Harry Potter book series, it has now become popular in the US, initially through college teams and now all over the country. This land-based version of the sport is still played on broomsticks and is played on hockey fields.

Fat Biking. Although commonly perceived as a way of shedding the pounds, Fat Biking actually refers to riding over layers of snow. It is a challenging activity, yet great for reaching fitness goals and unlike other sports, offers a quicker recovery time. Above all, however, it’s great fun!

Extreme Ironing. Very few people look forward to tackling a pile of ironing at home, which was perhaps the reason why ‘extreme ironing’ came into existence. This bizarre sport, where people take their ironing and boards to dangerous or remote places, has its own bureau. It describes the sport as ‘combining the thrill of extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt’.

Cheese Rolling. The rules of cheese rolling are straightforward. A nine-pound cheese wheel is rolled down a hill where the participants have to chase after it. The first person to reach the bottom has the privilege of taking the item home with them. This activity happens each year at Cooper’s Hill in Gloucestershire, England.

Lawnmower Racing. Dating back to 1968 in West Sussex, three GP motoring enthusiasts got together. They bought lawnmowers to race because they couldn’t afford cars. What they perhaps didn’t realize at the time was that over fifty years later, the past time would still be going strong.

Thinking of Ditching Mainstream Sport? There are Plenty of Alternatives to Consider

Are you seeking a change of scene as a spectator or competitor in your usual mainstream sport? As you can see, there are many exciting alternatives to choose from.

If you’re based in the UK, you might consider something like lawnmower racing or cheese rolling. Or for residents in the US, Quidditch remains a popular choice. Extreme Ironing, on the other hand, has taken off globally, while Fat Biking remains a firm favorite for those looking to lose weight in a fun way that offers minimal impact on the body.

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