Hungry Cat Makes Its Owners Rich

We all love our pets no matter what dirty tricks they play. They can crunch your shoes, spoil furniture, or even eat your food. But we can hardly expect our dog, cat or parrot to earn us money, agree? No matter how odd it may sound, but there is a chance for you to wake up extremely rich tomorrow after your cat won you a lottery. Joking apart! Let’s get down to business! This is what happened to a British couple from Nottinghamshire. Excited to know all the details? Let us explain everything!

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hungry cat

An Earning Money Cat

In the English city of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, the couple hit the jackpot because they forgot to buy food for their cat. It is reported by the British publication Daily Star.

According to Andrew Hancock, he returned home after work and remembered that he had not bought food for his cat named Shortcake. Then the man decided to go to a gas station to buy some food there. At the final destination, he refueled and bought an instant lottery ticket, again forgetting about food for a cat.

hungry cat

Hancock got into the car, checked his winnings, and found out that he had won a million pounds. He hastened home to surprise his wife, without buying any food. “I thought something bad happened when my husband came shouting, “Paula! Paula!”” Hancock’s wife, Paula said. The woman couldn’t even expect that they have won money … again.

You will be surprised, but it is not the first cash prize in the life of a couple. Prior to this “cat win,” they several times landed a prize in the lottery of about 100 pounds. According to the spouses, now they are going to travel a lot, but so far, the only thing they managed to get is a new mobile phone for their son. Paula also believes that they owe their prize thanks to the cat. “Yes, we are very grateful to Shortcake and to the short memory of Andy,” the woman said.

Earlier in July, a resident of the American city of Henderson, North Carolina, reported that he hit the jackpot in the lottery thanks to a dog that brought him luck. The winner emphasized that it was thanks to the pet that he became a millionaire. Isn’t it another good reason to buy a pet and buy a lottery ticket? Who knows – you may one day become a millionaire without doing anything special and wasting your time on work. Give it a try and see there it all flies.

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