A Look at Some of the Most Humorous Hobbies to Take Up

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Ideally, you want your hobby to be affordable and entertaining and something that you can invest your time in while gaining a new skill. There are always other things to check out, like Bonus.Net.Nz, as well. But who wants to do a hobby just like everyone else? Where’s the fun in that?

A hobby that provides you with hours of fun and laughter becomes even better when it allows you to brag to your co-workers or school friends about all the adventures you’ve had while doing it.

With this selection of weird and wonderful hobbies, you will find one that your friends have never heard of and one that will provide you with endless hours of fun.

Duck Herding

Another sport guaranteed to keep you entertained and provide you with a few funny stories along the way, beware people might think you’re ‘quackers’.

Duck herding is taken as seriously as sheep-herding; this sport can get very competitive and involves lots of training. Best suited to those who have access to ducks or live on a farm with the correct pens and equipment to hand.

They say never work with animals or children, so what about soap carving?

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Soap Carving

First on the list has to be soap carving. Treated as a sport as much as it is an art, this craft involves craving plain blocks of soap into beautiful and intricate designs using various techniques and a variety of special tools.

It is affordable and the perfect outlet for any creative person looking for a way to express themselves uniquely, while staying ahead of the carve.

Extreme ironing

Yes, it is an actual thing. This chore will no longer be a bore if you realize it’s full potential. Extreme ironing is what you think it is – involving lots of laundry and dare-devilish stunts with a hot iron.

This extreme activity can get very competitive and involves finding the weirdest and wackiest ways and places to iron clothes to perfection. Perfect for getting the creative energy flowing, adrenaline pumping and creases ironed out!

Need an outside activity?

Catfish Noodling

Particularly great for those that live near a river that is well-known for giant catfish, if that’s you? You’ll be sure to have fun with this one.

Catfish noodling is not for the faint-hearted or squeamish. Be prepared to get waist-deep in muddy water, the aim from then on is to stick your foot or hand into the mouth of a catfish.

If you want to do this and keep all your fingers and toes, you’ll need some guidance. But once you get the hang of it, the results are exciting and certainly not dull. No need for any equipment but you’ll definitely need bravery and strength.

What something that doesn’t involve fish?

Ghost Hunting

Ghost hunting is an excellent hobby to look into now that the spooky season is upon us. Ghost hunting involves lots of research, a torch, some company and nerves of steel.

It’s an easy one to get involved in as all you have to do is gather some like-minded friends, search for some spooky landmarks or sites in your area and visit them, preferably after midnight.

Take this seriously as this activity can take you on an adventure that will get the adrenaline pumping and the hairs on the back of your neck standing up. However, ghost hunting is not an activity for those who are easily frightened. 

The next one is toy voyaging, why not give this weird one a go?

Toy Voyaging

This activity involves sending a toy to another member of the toy voyager club somewhere abroad or even at home. They will take your toy on adventures with them and send back pictures.

Then you do an exchange with one of their toys while keeping in contact with each other as you act as a local tour guide. Toy voyagers take the activity very seriously and will set you tasks to complete with your toy and ask that you post the results on social media.

Finally, from the odd to the outright bizarre, try chainsaw carving.

Chainsaw Carving

Chainsaw carving is what you think it is – power up your massive chainsaw and create sculptures and carving out of wood or even congealed cooking fat.

A particularly enthusiastic carver in Japan made a sculpture out of hardened cooking from his restaurant. It’s a touch greasy and dangerous, to say the least.

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There’s a funny activity out there for everyone. All ranked very differently on the scale of weird and wonderful; these activities are sure to keep you entertained and interested.

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