[Disclaimer: This is a satirical news piece, just for fun, read at your own risk!]

Donald Trump to Become President of Slobovia

The offer to become president of another country will likely prove all-too tempting.

Dispatches from Snn (Slobovian News Network)

In a historic vote in the Slobovian Parliament, both the Uppdeasse (the upper house and the Outtedeasse (the lower house) unanimously voted to offer former United States President Donald Trump the position of President of Slobovia, and to give him free reign as to how to rule the country.

Become President of Slobovia
Trump tries on Slobovian presidential outfit for size.

In a move seen as likely to cinch the deal, the parliament guaranteed Trump full access to Slobovian Twitter.

The Kytchenbytche (the women’s parliament) abstained, stating they wanted to make the same offer to Nancy Pelosi.

Former Slobovian President Noballes Wusse stated, “Mr. Trump can inspire White people to riot in America… he is what we need to get Slobovia back on track.”

Dr. Nowea Inhelle, head of the Political Science Department at The University of Stanckt is opposed to the move, on the grounds that Mr. Trump is not a natural born Slobovian.

She added, however, “Mr. Trump’s ability to piss people off and incite to riot is a positive… since it’s every Slobovian’s right to attack and destroy the current government at their discretion… he may be a good choice.”

In its history, Slobovia has had roughly 700 civil wars, but the last few have been so mellow that no one noticed them. There is a widespread feeling that Mr. Trump could bring Slobovian civil wars back into the news.

It is rumored that if Donald Trump turns down the job, it will be offered to another prominent American — Tom Brady.

Ted Holland