Animal Rites, Human Flights

A great many of our closest genetic relatives have perished in the tropical Biblical floods.
These captives down in Texas are among the victims of winter storm Uri.  Despite having dual citizenship, they were left unprotected or out in the cold, like millions of their fellow migrants along the border. However, the article fails to note that 97% of primates vocally supported theGreen New Deal, which gained them the enmity of former Gov. Perry, along with Gov. Greg Abbott, Rep. Jim Jordan, Rep. Louie Gohmert, plus Sens John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, even prior to the election, in which they voted en masse for the Green Party (Hawkins-Walker), with the exception of one Orang and a pair of baboons, who went bananas when they learned the results, and therefore had to be euthanized. Since Sen. Cruz left the country the day before the creatures died, he has an airlock alibi, and thus may escape federal persecution.  Dejected officials are hanging by their thumbs, hoping that voters won’t corral them, drag them by their tails to the Alamo and forget about it,
until animals have the same rights as people–or vice versa, depending on what side of disorder you’re on, and how many cages have been opened or unlocked since Jan. 20.

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Signed: Dennis Rohatyn