coffee tea or KGB?

Citizens of Belarus live in a brutal repressive puppet state air traffic controlled by Russia.

It’s as if their struggling Country had a January 06th moment, but a fascist mob boss stole their Capital.

Self-appointed dictator without cloths- “Lukashenko” invented a bomb hoax to force the landing of a commercial air flight from Athens Greece- all because a young dissident… got under his soulless thin skin.

At 27 years old, Roman Protasevich is facing 12 years in prison for telling the truth- organizing a march, (he was already living in exile and fear).

Roman isn’t James Bond, he isn’t even Austin Powers, but now he is being attacked by Putin and Lukashenko- (Dr. Evil and mini-Me) humorless, ruthless Autocrats.

Hard to believe an outspoken (student aged) dissident is even a blip on tough guy radar, but Vlad constantly needs to demonstrate his sick power- poisoning, imprisoning, and beating down an entire country.

The Soviet Union fell apart while Putin worked as a KBG agent in East Germany, thinking like his lead to darkness and repression.

Vlad sure misses his best (chump) Friend Donald Trump, together (as matching dung bricks) they mortar grift into every ray of hope.

Vladimir Trump-celebrating unimaginative thuggery as civility and patriotism. VMAGA.

Putin’s air space shrinks from freedoms duty. Entitlement circles Belarus as vultures not defenders.

In 1917…Wealthy Russian leadership fancied itself as untouchable.

Self-serving Oligarch failed the people, drank champagne, created a dung storm, and were dismantled by a peoples Revolution.

Just another brick in the wall.

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Signed: Glenn Jones