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Latest Fake News stories:

Angela Merkel Gives Up on World After One Day with Trump

BERLIN, Germany — After spending an entire day with Trump, Angela Merkel has announced she is ready to forget hundreds of years of history and millions of lives lost and join forces with Vladimir Putin [more…]

Devil Recruits Trump for President of Satanic Council

“He’s our best chance in millennia to make the world a living hell. And a lot hotter too!” – Mephistopheles, in interview at Devil’s Kingdom studios. HADES – The current head of the Satanic Council said today that he was willing to step aside so that Donald Trump could immediately take over as President. “The man [more…]

White House Adds ‘Dignity and Morality Waivers’ to Ethics Waivers

In a move George Orwell called “Me-ian” from the grave today via GoogleSeanceTM technology, the White House announced they would be adding “Dignity and Morality Waivers” to the ethics waivers extended to everyone in the cabinet recently. [more…]

Trump Invited to Russian Sleepovers After Revealing US Secrets

MOSCOW — While many across the US have expressed indignation over Trump’s loose lips with Russian officials concerning state secrets, the Russians have begun inviting Trump to all their “cool kid parties.”  Following their initial meeting, Sergey Lavrov, mustering all the [more…]

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Other articles:

Jackie Kennedy, Marge Simpson & Longevity: What I Learned from Magazines This Week

Jackie Kennedy, Marge Simpson & Longevity: What I Learned from Magazines This Week

The title of the overdue book returned to a public library in San Francisco 100 years after it had been checked out? Forty Minutes Late. (Readers Digest, 04/17) In 1999, Kathy McKeon, Jackie Kennedy’s former assistant, went to a Halloween party dressed in a Marge Simpson costume she’d [more…]

Where Does Inequality Come From?

Where Does Inequality Come From?

The vast inequality that’s rending our society is not a natural, inevitable or accidental phenomenon — it’s caused intentionally by policy decisions that corporate and political officials make, often in tandem. Every now and then, we commoners get a glimpse [more…]

A Fly on the Wall at an Early Trump Cabinet Meeting

“OK, are we all here?” demanded the President Select, as he rushed in fashionably late to his own White House staff meeting. “Yes, Mr. President, all are present,” answered Kellyanne Conway for everyone in the new Trump cabinet. “Good, good!” mumbled Trump as he [more…]

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Scared Sh*tless After Playing ‘Bloody Mary’ Game

Curled up in comfy jammies with a flashlight under her chin silhouetting her face, White House Spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders swears she saw something after repeating “Bloody Mary” three times in front of the bathroom mirror. “You guys [more…]

Ripping the Headlines Today, 5/30/17

Making fun of the headlines today, so you don’t have to! The news doesn’t need to be complicated and confusing; that’s what any new release from Microsoft is for. And, as in the case with anything from Microsoft, to keep the news from worrying our pretty little heads over, remember something new and equally indecipherable [more…]

Cartoon Caption Contest Winners: May 2017

Here are the Humor Times Cartoon Caption Contest Winners for the contest ending Dec. 1, 2015. To enter the current contest, go to our Cartoon Caption Contest. Please share the contest with your friends and acquaintances on Facebook and Twitter, etc, using the buttons on this page, and via email and by shouting [more…]

Best Radioactive Spider Ever

Best Radioactive Spider Ever

Apparently he was bitten by a radioactive spider. Donald John Trump is keeping people busy. He’s got staffers, lawyers, streaming news alert editors, impeachment historians, ethics investigators, hair spray manufacturers, Putin watchers, real-estate interpreters, all frantically flapping and squawking like a flock of seagulls outside a sardine [more…]

Joke of the Week

Lady (to her doctor): "What l am worried about is my height and not my weight."
    Doctor: "How come?"
    Lady: "According to my weight, my height should be 7 feet, 8 inches."
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