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Weiss Cracks


Weiss Cracks Cartoon Gallery

Written by Richard Weiss and illustrated by Bart E. Slyp. Click on any thumbnail in the Weiss Cracks Cartoon Gallery to enlarge, then you may browse through cartoons, run the slide show or return to gallery.

By Richard Weiss


About Richard Weiss and Bart Slyp:

Upon moving to Palm Springs in the summer of 2012, Richard Weiss hooked up with the talents of wacky artist Bart E. Slyp. They immediately hit it off and launched “Weiss Cracks.”

“It was Bart’s idea to include me in many of the strips,” said Richard,” something I had not initially thought of… but it turned out to be brilliant. I could now take my stage act, incorporated with real life situations, and depict them to the masses without even getting out of bed.”

“‘Bartabulous’ and I are like Elton John and Bernie Taupin,” Richard says, “the sum is greater than it’s parts. As you gaze through the pages of Richard and Bart’s first comic release, you’ ll enter a world where anything and everything goes.”

Weiss Cracks Cartoon Gallery

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