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by Marko Kosonen

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Marko KosonenMarko Kosonen is a Scandinavian filmmaker and digital artist. He was born in Finland in 1968 and brought up in Gothenburg, Sweden. He currently lives in Olso, Norway.

Marko has worked in the film industry for most of his life, but has always admired and loved the work of cartoonists, “Especially the ones that have the talent of catching a moment in one drawing,” he says.

iPhoneys“With NO drawing skills at all, but with a vivid imagination and a lot on my mind, I decided to try to make my own form for political, social and news satire,” says Marko.

Inspired by the digital communication platforms we all use in our hectic daily lives, he came up with an idea that he named “IPHONEY’S.” It consists of satirical social media posts, images and selfies that reflect the “stupidity and craziness displayed by some of us that inhabits this lovely planet.”

Marko Kosonen’s website is here, and you may visit his Instagram account and Facebook group here.



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