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The Humor Times monthly magazine is the perfect cure for an often unfunny world. Our take-no-prisoners, irreverent approach to covering the news can be as insightful as it is hilarious, thanks to the talented cartoonists and writers we boast.

Indulge yourself with laughter – widely known as the best medicine for anything that’s getting you down. Subscriptions are so cheap, it’s almost a joke in itself!

They start at just $24.95/year (12 issues) for the printed publication, mailed right to your mailbox (in the U.S., see link for foreign rates); or just $9.95/year for the downloadable digital version. Either way, get $2 OFF by subscribing online. (Or try a 3-issue Trial Subscription here.)

Enjoy a recent back issue of the Humor Times:

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The Humor Times features the world’s finest editorial cartoonists, who tirelessly produce their hilarious and irreverent takes on what’s happening in the world.

The Humor Times also showcases many non-political cartoons, such as Dan Piraro‘s Bizarro, Mike Baldwin‘s Cornered, Ruben Bolling’s Tom the Dancing Bug (a full-page strip that approaches politics from many creative angles), and much more.

And we publish the best in humor columns, such as Will Durst’s hilarious political observations, Jim Hightower’s Hightower Lowdown and Argus Hamilton‘s take on the daily news. We feature some fine up and coming humor columnists like Roz Warren as well. We also feature an uproarious Faux News section! (If you like the Daily Show or The Onion newspaper, you’ll love our fake news!)

You can’t miss with this great way to lighten up your world! There’s nothing like having such a unique, entertaining publication in your hands to share with friends! (Also available as a downloadable online edition – at half the price!)

The Humor Times makes a wonderful gift – one that keeps your friends and relatives laughing all year long!!!

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Here’s a back issue in “Flip Page” format you may peruse, free (This is the downloadable online edition, with every page in color. The printed edition does not have as many color pages):

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