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Daniel Medina is an internationally published editorial cartoonist and is currently the staff editorial cartoonist for Matt Taibbi’s news publication, TK News (soon to be rebranded to Racket). His cartoons branch off the historical narrative History From Below. They also stand firmly against racism, xenophobia, hate, bigotry, and ignorance using traditional editorial cartoonist influences such as art and film, but he is also known to incorporate modern meme culture to inspire and include younger generations.

Daniel majored in history at California State University, Fresno, before getting his master’s in International Relations from the University of Kent, Brussels School of International Studies. He began his career in the political realm working on congressional and state political campaigns in 2007. After his campaigning career, he began working as a political aide and working with non-profits, which he found the most fulfilling, second to his consistent practice of creating political cartoons. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Daniel began freelancing and was able to devote more time to his art which granted the opportunity to become the staff editorial cartoonist for TK News in 2021.

When not cartooning, Daniel enjoys life with his wife and two cats in Fresno, California.


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