Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Humor Times

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Humor Times and their answers. Please contact us for more info.

Why do you publish the Humor Times, anyway?

To help people laugh in troubling times. As our slogan says, “Don’t cry about the news, laugh about it, with the Humor Times!

Humor Times, FAQs page
The Humor Times magazine’s current issue cover — click to see covers gallery.

Why should I be interested?

If you enjoy political satire, some of the best is delivered by editorial cartoonists. We feature some of the best cartoonists in the world in our publication each month. We arrange the cartoons by subject, accompanied by a running narrative which connects them all to tell a story… a news story, in cartoons. See a sample recent issue in digital form here.

Do you have testimonials from satisfied customers?

You bet, on our subscription subdomain right here. You can add your comments to it, use the form provided.

Do teachers ever use the publication in their classrooms?

Yes! In fact, editorial cartoons make great teaching aids, helping to spark student interest and curiosity about government and politics.

Where is it available?

All over the world, by subscription.

Is there a digital version?

Yes, and it is less than half the price of the print version. Print subscribers also have access to it.

When was the publication founded?

April, 1991 was the premiere issue. This was as the first Iraq War was winding down, with the first Bush in office. The issue included an eight page “review” of the war. It also included “coverage by cartoon” of the Rodney King beating by police in LA, which was videotaped from an apartment window. The tape “went viral” before that was a phrase, and began the era of police accountability by citizen camcorder taping, though phones were not able to shoot video yet. See more of our history here.

Why do you call it a “magazine,” when it’s printed on newsprint?

Merriam-Webster defines magazine as “a print periodical containing miscellaneous pieces (such as articles, stories, poems) and often illustrated, or such a periodical published online.” The glossiness of the page has nothing to do with it!

Why are there usually a few black & white pages in the mostly color print publication?

web press, on FAQs page
Printing on a web press.

The magazine is printed on newsprint (see question above) on a “web press.” Web presses use giant rolls of paper, printing eight pages at a time on them, each running through their own unit in the giant web press setup. After the ink is applied, the machine cuts and folds the paper from the roll, creating the final product efficiently and relatively inexpensively. If a publication has a total number of pages that is not in multiples of eight, such as ours (normally 20 pages), the extra pages are run on a half-width roll, to create four pages at a time. (If you pull out a sheet from a newspaper, you will see it is printed on both sides and folded in the center, creating four pages.) These half rolls run through separate press units built for the purpose, and typically cannot handle the extra plates needed for color. (Printing color involves the use of four colors, CMYK — cyan, magenta, yellow and black — which combine to form all the different shades and colors.) Therefore, when we print a typical edition of 20 pages, four will be black and white. We hope to expand to 24 all-color pages at some point, but so far, the economics of the operation prevent this.

Why the quarter-fold format?

It is easier to mail without damage, and works best on store shelves.

Do you have a gallery of the magazine covers?

Yes, right here. Enjoy!

What is your policy for unsolicited submissions, be they cartoons, articles, audio or video?

Please go here for submissions guidelines.

Can I suggest authors or cartoonists you should have?

You sure can. Use our comment form here.

Is the publication profitable?

To be honest, we barely get by. Surviving as a small print publication in the digital age is not easy. If you like what we’re doing, we could use your support.

Was it ever distributed free with more advertising?

Yes. See our history here.

Why is it no longer distributed free in Sacramento, California?

Back in 2008, during the economic downturn that proceeded the “great recession,” it came down to either switching to a subscription-based publication, or go out of business. We would have liked to remain an advertising-based free publication in Sacramento. But we started losing a lot of money due to declining ad revenues, as the economy began to slow. The small businesses we relied on started cutting their ad budgets sharply.

However, we are happy to report that the new version has much more great content, including some fun new additions, and an expanded page count. We believe you are getting a lot for the low subscription rates we ask. We hope you agree, and join in our ever-expanding readership from all over the world. Read more about our history here.

Why can’t I find it in stores?

We used to be distributed in certain store chains throughout the country, but continuing with that program no longer makes economic sense.

Is it available worldwide?

Yes, in print and digital form.

Do you accept donations?

We sure do!

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