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Yin + Yangster was officially launched in 2015 and started off as a single panel cartoon strip inspired by Gary Larson’s The Far Side. In 2016, the strip was published in a local newspaper before going online at www.yangstercomics.com where it permanently resides today. Due to the increased demands of working as a math teacher and juggling three young children, Yin + Yangster evolved into a simpler, and more autobiographical multi panel strip. It follows the life of a busy working mom, her family interactions and occasionally a random throwback to the strip’s former single panel days.

Laura enjoys drawing cartoons as a means of cheap therapy whose aim is to brighten your day with a giggle, guffaw or even a groan.

To learn more about Laura and her strip Yin + Yangster, visit: Math-teaching cartoonist tosses perfect pitch and 20 Questions with Comic Artists: Laura Yang of Yin and Yangster

Yin + Yangster, by Laura Yang

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