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User submitted funny videos

Tips on How to Make a Funny Video (from

Bored? Here’s an idea — make a funny video! But here’s the problem: you don’t have any good ideas that are funny. Read on, and you’ll be laughing with your friends in no time. Some people think that pain is funny. Others think that squeaky voices are funny. Some just think scary things are funny. Everyone has a different definition of funny. To make a video that appeals to everyone is completely impossible. You can’t make everyone who watches your video laugh, but you can try to make something that will appeal to at least someone!
  1. Create your crew and cast. You’ll need a cameraman, actors, a director, and a writer. The actors should be people familiar with comedy, or people who enjoy having a good laugh.
  2. Brainstorm your ideas. Pass them around and get some feedback from everyone involved. When you think you’re satisfied, go ahead and move on to the next step.
  3. Watch comedies that you like together. Be inspired by their ideas and scripts. Don’t copy, but learn what works and what doesn’t, as well as watching carefully for timing.
  4. Pick out your filming locations. Depending on the script, you can use simple places such as your own living room, kitchen, or even a hallway. However, if your script is more detailed and involves a lot of acting, you may want to choose a more scenic venue like a local park, a business part of town, or a spot with a view.
  5. Create your script. Everyone who is good with making jokes and writing can get involved in this step. Share the script around for improvements.
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