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John Gill grew up in small-town South River, New Jersey. His teen years were spent illustrating the high school newspaper and rendering hot rods for motorsport magazines. Then Gill was off to study at the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art. While in Newark, he dabbled in music fanzines. He became decorator for the then trendy “Cuckoo’s Nest” music/dance club, designing the club’s illustrative logo and creating artful displays.

Gill moved to New York to record music as one half of the dynamic duo Big Stick (which he still does today), and to establish a motorsport media company, all while still steadily and proficiently creating artwork. He’s amassed an immense quantity of works, spanning multifarious subject matter. Gill contributed to OBSOLETE, the former underground Iowa based esoteric indie newspaper, and was also featured in the 2013 printing of their book THE BEST OF OBSOLETE (The First Two Years).

John Gill now resides in yet another relatively small New Jersey town called Sewaren, where he earnestly creates artwork, including sagacious cartoons featuring his stylized art, accompanied with clever captions, and refreshingly topped off with a delicious dash of the profound. Gill’s witty work makes for a worthwhile journey of the mind and psyche — it’s a curious journey that brilliantly bounces between the conscious and subconscious realms that perpetually surround our ubiquitous existence.

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