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Notes from the artist, Chuck Legge:

I drew my first cartoon at about age 8, and I’ve been trying to get it right ever since.  This obsession eventually took me to Arizona State University where I majored in English, Philosophy and Art.  After only 12 years I received my BFA in Painting, and went on to do post-graduate work in cab driving, bus driving, and truck driving.  Actually, I only minored in truck driving.

In 1990 I managed to land a job as the editorial cartoonist for the Prescott Sun Newspaper in Prescott, Arizona.  I understand the paper has since become a shopper, but I hold myself only partially responsible for this.

Chuck Legge cartoonAfter 5 years in Prescott, my wife, younger son, 3 dogs, and I decided to try our luck in Alaska so we packed everything we could into an old Jeep Wagoner and a second-hand camp trailer, and headed North.  We wound up in Cordova, a fishing village on the edge of Prince William Sound, where my education and experience immediately landed me a job as a fish processor.

From Cordova we made our way to the Matanuska-Susitna Valley, north of Anchorage, where I found employment as a driver for Alaska Job Corps and have subsequently become their driver’s/ed instructor.  I also became the editorial cartoonist for Sarah Palin’s hometown newspaper the Frontiersman.  I have since been named Best Editorial Cartoonist of the Year several times by the Alaska Press Club, and I was a regular contributor to the now defunct “Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year” published by Pelican Press.  Again I only hold myself partially responsible for the defunctification.  I’m also syndicated through, an online syndicate in Canada.

My editorial cartoons have a decidedly liberal tilt which makes me  quite popular up here.  Popular in the same way that a moose with a target shaped birthmark is popular.  For this reason the new publisher at the Frontiersman has given me the boot.  Looks like after 20+ years someone in the front office took a look at what I was doing.

My wife, Sharon, and I now own 4.77 acres in Sutton, 60 miles north of Anchorage.  Our younger son, Christopher, has a BFA in Photography from the University of Alaska Anchorage.  It looks like the nut didn’t fall far enough from the tree.  Our other son, Dustin, lives in Chicago where he’s a truck driver/handyman/whatever needs to be done kind of guy.

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