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Please only submit one or two at a time. Multiple submissions will result in cartoons being held back and published later, if at all.

The images must be original cartoons, not “memes,” and must not contain profanity or be overtly sexual in nature. We also reserve the right to reject cartoons we find petty, vindictive, grossly inaccurate, in bad taste, etc.

Only images in jpeg or gif (.jpeg, .jpg or .gif extension) format will be accepted.

Of course, you’ll need a way to scan any hand-drawn cartoons to be able to upload them. Please adjust the contrast in an image program so that it looks clear and bright. Images will be resized to a maximum of 900 pixels in width or height, so you may want to do that first yourself to reduce upload time.

Please note: By submitting your amateur cartoons to this site, you are agreeing to let the Humor Times post them for the public to see, without compensation. You retain any and all authorship rights.

For some great tips on cartooning, check out Learn How to Draw for Free.

Thank you!

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To see our collections of professional cartoonists, check out our Political Cartoons, our political Cartoon Galleries, and non-political panel cartoons. If you’d like to try your hand at captioning cartoons, check our Cartoon Caption Contest. Enjoy, and please use the share buttons below. Thank you!


More on cartooning, from Wikipedia:
Modern single-panel gag cartoons, found in magazines, generally consist of a single drawing with a typeset caption positioned beneath or (much less often) a speech balloon.
Editorial or political cartoons are found almost exclusively in news publications and news websites. Although they also employ humor, they are more serious in tone, commonly using irony or satire. The art usually acts as a visual metaphor to illustrate a point of view on current social and/or political topics. Editorial cartoons often include speech balloons and, sometimes, multiple panels.
Comic strips, also known as “cartoon strips” in the United Kingdom, are found daily in newspapers worldwide, and are usually a short series of cartoon illustrations in sequence. In the United States they are not as commonly called “cartoons” themselves, but rather “comics” or “funnies“. Nonetheless, the creators of comic strips—as well as comic books and graphic novels—are usually referred to as “cartoonists“. Although humor is the most prevalent subject matter, adventure and drama are also represented in this medium.
  • Dennis Smith

    Why is it you won’t run my political cartoons? Because they are biased agaist Obama? But yet you’re loaded with political cartoons biased to Romney. You should set the ground rules before someone joins. “NO FREE SPEECH FOR CONSERVATIVES.”

    • Ephraim Felix

      Good god I’m getting tired of all these whiny, new political commentators who have to bring their mundane, transitory little polemics to every table they sit down at. Why don’t you start your OWN humor page, Dennis..? Instead of just whining about your inability to ride the coattails of this one, into its pre-established audience? It’s not that hard to do..

    • We post cartoons from any political angle, as long as they meet a certain standard. Apparently, yours didn’t make the grade this time, but we encourage you to keep trying.

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  • Kik

    Where can I find that Browse button? I want to upload a cartoon but that button is still invisible.

    • After struggling with the plugin that we use for this, we decided to allow anyone to upload, without being logged in, so you should see it now. Hopefully, it won’t be abused with a lot of spammy uploads. If so, we’ll have to figure something else out. Anyway, we look forward to seeing your cartoon! Please share this page and our site with your friends, on Facebook, by email and by good old-fashioned word-of-mouth! Thanks.

  • NavyBlue1962

    I just uploaded another one. Of course it was about Hillary so, of course, it will never see daylight on this site.

  • rcleary171

    I just uploaded my first cartoon. Not sure what to do now except wait and see.

    • Yep, as we say in the instructions, we will moderate the cartoons and then publish them, unless we consider them in bad taste (cartoons with profanity, gore, explicit sexual content, etc., will likely be rejected).

  • Tony

    Could you please tell me how the ratings work? Who does the rating?

    • Yes, they are a ratings system, rated by the public. Anyone can vote, one time per cartoon.

    • The rating system has been discontinued, as it was not working well. We hope to institute a new system at some point.

  • See answer above.

  • Kelly Wilson

    Thank you Humor Times! -Mankiller

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