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what happened to Q


Qanon has been debunked.
A GRIFT purposely floated on Trumps watch… inflating Trump’s -plausible deniability rafts of manure.

Qanon was NO coincidence.

Right wing extremists mainstreamed “Q” (a so-called) TOP-SECRET CLEARANCE HERO with secret agent mystique, and “actionable” insider information.

MEANWHILE- (on snowflake island) …Picture Democrats… inventing “T”- liberalisms magical unicorn savior!

Liberals… (staring into space) …awaiting “T”ruthy broadcasts from distant “Blue Soros Nebula” …Yeah- Q was- exactly-that F**ing STUPID.

The number of Citizens needlessly dead from Covid, says… GOP America is MEAN PERSON -ground zero.

Beyond ignorance, beneath education, over-militarized Evangelists – CRINGEWORTHY GOP SHEEP.

Q- doesn’t suck cigars or whine like now dead, racist, eyesore, crybaby…Rush Limbaugh.

Midway carnival barker Q -shilled disinformation, fleecing a GOP freakshow herd.


Rush’s-woman hating behavior never found fertile mainstream appeal, so Q -raised the hayseeds.

TALKradio’s- LATEST INVENTION- an invisible, irrefutable, unknowable DUPE… a CULT… YOU (and your family) -could actually DIE- FOLLOWING.

“Qanon”= Limbaugh’s (minus) “ditto head” sideshows.

Q worship- practiced by- RABID, Republican, moose- “Marginally” Taylored Greene.

Linguist detectives identified South African software developer-Paul Furber, and American Ron Watkins as Q grift -puppeteers.

Both “deny being Q”- yet strongly “agree with Q conspiracy theory”- Gosh… what a Qoincidence!

Watkins- campaign financing- is up to his Q balls in criminal self-promotion … Watkins is running as REPUBLICAN Arizona-TURD-Qongressman…

Stay tuned… for morON… Implausible- undeniability.

Signed: Glenn Jones

Where Sheep May Safely Gaze

Reporters covering the latest round of mass shootings may benefit from

from some background information, although it is already public record,

and should be familiar to anyone for whom the past is forever present.

Uvalde, TX is about 85 miles (136 km) west of San Antonio. The nearest

border crossing (near Eagle Pass) is about 60 miles (96 km) away; the

town of Del Rio is about 70 miles (112 km) distant. Uvalde used to be a

major railroad depot, back in the day, Today it is the furthest point in the

Hill Country. Its most famous resident was John Nance Garner, a native

Texan who practiced law there, beginning in 1890, then entered politics

in 1902. He was a Congressman for thirty years, until he became Vice-

President of the U.S. for the first two terms that FDR was in office (1933-

1941). Garner retired to Uvalde, where he led a quiet life, managing real

estate holdings, playing with his grand-children, and fishing. (His house

is now a museum). Uvalde also boasts the oldest Opera House in Texas,

although the screams that echo from inside its walls are faint compared

to those heard in schools, homes and churches all the way to the border,

and far beyond it. Garner did not distinguish himself in office; indeed, his

role was so minimal that no one knew he was in Washington, DC until he

has left it. However, “Cactus Jack” (as he was called by those who knew

him) became famous after he withdrew from public life, not least for the

sagebrush advice he once gave a fellow Texan. When LBJ asked him

about accepting an offer from JFK to serve as his running mate in 1960,

Garner replied “The Vice-Presidency isn’t worth a pitcher of warm spit.”

(The word that Garner actually used wasn’t ‘spit,’ but damn close).

LBJ ignored the advice, and the rest became history, albeit with a

macabre twist. On November 22, 1963, JFK telephoned Garner

to wish him a happy 95th birthday. Reporter Dan Rather (also

a native Texan, and, like his boss, Walter Cronkite, a UT-alum)

interviewed Garner on that occasion, before flying to Dallas to

cover the President’s arrival there. Also present at Garner’s

ranch was a local beauty queen who had just been named

Miss Texas Wool. (Even in an era of fake news, there are

some things you just can’t invent). Rather’s crew filmed

the whole interview, ‘phone call and all.. Rather took the

film with him to Dallas, dropped it off at the local CBS-TV

studio (now a Fox News affiliate) and headed downtown.

It was never aired; it may still be stored there, in a vault

(For details, see the Wiki entry on “John Nance Garner”).

Garner died on November 7, 1967, two weeks shy of his

99th birthday. He still holds the record for the longest-

lived former V-P in U.S. history. He contributed another

legacy, which left its mark on the entire region long after

his death. To wit, “throughout his career he maintained

allegiance to the white landowners who controlled the

voting booths in South Texas. He regarded his Mexican

voting base as ‘inferior and undesirable as U.S. citizens’”

(Bill Minutaglio, “A Single Star and Bloody Knuckles: A

History of Politics and Race in Texas” [Austin, TX, 2021],

68 ff.). Today, Uvalde is 80% Hispanic, yet Texas is still

trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. If this keeps up,

it will be time for anyone who is still starry-eyed to shuffle off

to Buffalo, in search of a better way of life–a loner in Canada,

past Niagara Falls, where seldom is heard a murderous word.

Signed: Dennis Rohatyn



That’s the title of mega church pastor Greg Locke latest book… what’s next pastor? -kill em all – God’L sort em out?

Locke is “one degree” crazier than Amy Coney Barrett. Evangelicals who want to see US burn in their make-believe Hell.

Proselytizing didn’t work…SO … Locke will hack nonbelievers to deaf with his cross, while Amy drowns unwed Mothers in handmaiden bathwaters.

Lunatic Locke burns one degree hotter because -HE will actually kill people; HIS BOOK SAYS SO.

Greg’s Tennessee Church of crated ammunition is a TAX-EXEMPT powder keg of hate!

Locke’s church Armory- another Weirdo Satanic Cult- praying for war.

Liberal media is sound asleep.

Using tax dollars, Locke’s Church (and others like it) warehousing massive weapons, an audit would prove that.

National Church leadership has let “mad dawg Locke” off his chain, -(essentially sanctifying Murder in Jesus name).

Disguised as the faithful- prepared to kill people on holy crusades- Greg and Amy are WHITE SUPREMICISTS.

Tent revivals, lynch mobs, speaking in (Supreme Court) tongues- (welcome to their dark rages).

Anyone with a secular lightbulb can see what’s next, LOOK IT’S- (slick serpent handler) Roger Stone! Roger feverishly endorses Locke’s book.

War criminal insurrectionist traitors- really slither around.

Pardoned Felon Stone, doesn’t have a parole officer, so slithering to Hee-haw Tennessee, Willard war rooms, or Moscow with Vlad- are conveniently scheduled by pardoner Trump.

Stones ministry ordains fuses, bombs, and silencers onto sniper rifles… DON’T LOCKE NOW…
Greg Locke slithered RIOT into our Capital January 06.

Signed: Glenn Jones




[Sung to the tune of “Paradise City” by Guns N’ Roses, released in 1987.]

Take me down to the Face Hump City
Where Republicans are red
And the boys are pretty
Oh, won’t you please take me home?
Take me down to the Face Hump City
Madison Cawthorn naked in bed
And the boys are pretty
Oh, won’t you please let me bone?

Just a congressman living on K Street
I’m a nut case who’s easy to beat
I’m your perverted conservative
So I’ll give you some man meat
Don’t open your innocent eyes
Because I’m a really, really gay guy

Rednecks to riches or so they say
You gotta keep face humping
For the fortune and fame
You know it’s all in shambles
When it’s just insane
You treat it like a capital crime
Everybody, it’s face humping time

Take me down to the Face Hump City
Where Republicans are red
And the boys are pretty
Oh, won’t you please take me home?
Take me down to the Face Hump City
Madison Cawthorn’s career is dead
And the boys are pretty
Let me bone

Jake Pickering
Arcata, CA, USA

Signed: Jake Pickering





Right-wing racist Reverend Bramwell
Doesn’t believe that Black lives matter,
Because Rev. Tyrel Bramwell is a bigot.
St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Ferndale
Should ask that embarrassment to quit.
Christianity is on the decline in America
And has been ever since Sept. 11, 2001.
Fake “Christians” defame Jesus’ name
By revering Trump who is totally insane.
In 2011, 75% were Christian in the U.S.,
But as of 2021, it dropped to only 62%.
All the fault of GOP charlatans who lie,
Like this Ferndale Republican guy Tyrel
Who is on the highway straight to Hell.
Jesus, please save us from your flock!
They worship a golden calf named Don!
What we need now is that old gray Jew
Moses to do what he’s known to do –
Smash God’s stone tablets to bits and
Command the GOP heretics to stop it!
Merging right-wing politics and religion
Is what killed 3,000 Americans on 9/11.
And, oh yeah, in case you were unaware,
Jesus had kinky hair like wool according
To Revelations 1:13-15, and his feet were
Like burnished bronze. He wasn’t Aryan!
Jesus Christ spent half his life in Africa.
Jesus was Black, y’all. No protestations.
BLACK LIVES MATTER! Oh yes they do…
Tell Tyrel Bramwell Jesus was also a Jew.
After which, Ferndale’s racist racketeer
Will go on GOP radio to hate on queers.
Whatever Tyrel Bramwell is preaching
Has nothing at all to do with Christianity.
Bramwell is a disgrace to his seminary.


Jake Pickering
Arcata, CA, USA

Signed: Jake Pickering

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