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Hope I’m wrong!

Based on profound and consistently racist behavior by Judge Bruce Schroeder in the Rittenhouse trial, I predict HE will declare a “MISTRIAL WITH PREDUICE” after the jury comes back with a guilty verdict.

Meaning the trial will be “thrown out” without a chance of retrial.

From day one, this judge has behaved as if HE is an honorary NAZI leader of the “proud boys”

This trial in particular… is critically important to the FASCIST RIGHT, because- it determines the legality of white nationalist groups bringing weapons to protests or State Capitals.

intimidating Citizens with military grade weapons, pointing loaded rifles, use of laser sights and vigilantism allows conservative State and Local governments to claim- “plausible deniability” when people get shot.

Citizens are horrified by police violence impacting all Americans, but especially- people of color. The Police and their behavior are also on trial, and this Judge knows it.

Schroeder’s writing is on the walls, 600 national guard troops are activated – Schroeder made it perfectly clear what his intentions are-

despite a jury decision.

Signed: Glenn Jones

that’s ALL U CAN EAT

The prospect of Trump running again- sure had some liberals seasick, I’m changing my party- Joe Biden offers only average entertainment value by comparison.

I say- salute what’s stupid – spin a compass for Gilligan’s Island and get the entire GOP in one salty barf bag. ORDER UP!

Putin’s greasy captain’s platter includes… “Peeping pedophile” Matt Gaetz, “bent barrel” Boebert, Marjorie “Traitor” Greene, Steve Bannon in a Fox News fishbowl (ROTTING LIVE), Michael Flynn as Vlad’s. (clawless) Red Lobster.

Russian trawler operative Manafort- netted squirming- yet refusing to fry.

Every SpongeBob barnacle clinging to Trump’s Carnal Cruise Line buffet- dancing an intestinal conga line of puking greed… No- I’m worse-


Rudy as Squidbert, Crabby Patty Melania (as cod fake wife) – a political graveyard “THRILLA” -freezer burnt, battered, and doesn’t mattered.

-A capitalist cannibal smorgasbord wrapped in blanket pardons of foiled fascist dough.

Given enough deck rope- Republican pirates hang each other- rerunning their last insurrection, so fun… even Pence is “hangin” round!

An ORANGE ventriloquist, RED bubba Gump hats, Ivanka as VP… what could go wrong in 2024?

Even if he shoots himself on 5th Avenue or is skewered on a plastic cocktail umbrella, its marketable leftovers. Stick a forkin fork in em -they’re NOT done.

An ALL YOU CAN’T EAT, indigestible cornucopia that includes free ammunition, ambulance rides and a GOP stomach pump.

If Trump keels over from natural (or fake) causes- wheel out the embalmed dummy “Don” anyways- he sells the fizzle-

and the steak.

Signed: Glenn Jones

Requiem for a Lightweight

On the day that Donald Trump dies,

he will deny that he lost the fight.

On the first day after his death,

he will demand a body recount.

On the second day after his death,

he will denounce death as a fraud.

On the third day after his death,

he will hold a press conference,

ask Melania to pose for pictures,

and refuse to concede his election to hell.

Uncle Sam will seize Donald’s assets,

impound all his golf courses,

and foreclose on Mar-a-Lago.

Rudy Guiliani will ask for an injunction.

Ivanka and Jared will work for a living.

Barron will move to Belarus.

The Reaper will wait for the dust to settle.

Then he will scatter the ashes out at sea.

Signed: Dennis Rohatyn

nuts for oil

Republican Women Lauren Boebert, MTG and Sara Palin share unremarkable similarities- SOME -good looks – ALL the stupid.

Boebert’s husband (Jayson) BANKED- $478,000.00 undisclosed dollars as a consultant for “TERRA ENERGY”- (Outright bribes).

Jayson BETRAYED Colorado citizens for oily peanuts … Considering what TERRA cashed in returns.

Jayson could have demanded 5 million for evaluating FRACKING THINGS- like… differences between a dry well and his wife’s morality…OR- faults, Or that 20K lien DEFAULT on their failing restaurant hole “SHOOTERS”.

SHOOTERS “craters to” white supremist and insurrectionists and dishes out CRAP FRACKIN food -riddled with bulletins from the Colorado health department.

Shooters unwashed hands “pray” everyday- their “pork sliders” don’t fill yet another hospital ward.

Is Boebert auditioning for a NRA promotional job shooting up schools? – her cracked TV campaigns feature more military weapons than a Columbia DRUG CARTEL.

Nothing wrong with guns, right?

Afterall…plenty many Republicans spent their kid’s college fund on Teflon coated, armor piercing, cop killer- bullets and SNIPER RIFLES- just like Lauren.

Boebert famously declared ON- November 06 -TODAY IS 1776! – (Implying MAGA NUT JOBS… should murder Capital Police (they did) and hang Pence (they tried).

Despite being told not to, Boebert cell phoned specific locations of Senators in real time during a riot- basically- TREASON.

Boeberts Congressional office space doesn’t contain a single REAL book… messaging – “I’m illiterate, brassy, trash, uninterested in Law, Civics, Colorado or American history”.

Boebert in Congress- the biggest nut Colorado ever shot out of an oil well.

Signed: Glenn Jones


“Disenfranchised?”, looking up from the bottom of the food chain? CRITICAL RACIST THEORY EXPLAINS EVERYTHING!

Current “robes on fire- BS”-court cases in Georgia and Wisconsin, have Jim Crow baked right in! justice isn’t the point.

Judge Schroeder in Kenosha Wisconsin “threw down” by telling prosecutors (and the entire world) they can’t refer to murder victims as “victims” the deceased will be referred to as “arsonists or rioters”.

In Georgia – violence perpetrated on an unarmed black guy by local vigilantes was so blatant and ugly- Bubbas only hope is CRT “that OLD TIME CONFEDERATE RELIGION”-get away with murder- free card.

There is a lot of heavy lifting involved in making what’s this wrong – this “WHITE”.

Throw out the case on a technicality, deny reality, run down the clock, whatever it takes- because otherwise racism is just a fake liberal insinuation, yesterday’s plantation lynch mob propaganda.

Behold our current Supreme Court- they who have turned racism and inequality into an art form of hollow meaningless word.
Using a make-believe time machine, FEDERALIST SOCIETY members celebrate slave era supreme court interpretations.

Welcome to the CATO INSTITUTE-another segregationist (big-league) player of obfuscation and inuendo.

What would Thomas Jefferson have to say about today’s legal matters? Let’s telepathically ask his corpse like elitist HOOVER INSTITUTE alumni.

Jefferson owned 600 slaves and knew just how to butter bread someone else slaved over.

Architect of Trump’s coupe-JOHN EASTMAN is a gold plated “fellow” of excellent standing- with the CLAREMONT INSTITUTE… who churns Eastman’s treason?

Signed: Glenn Jones

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