Submissions Guidelines

If you would like to submit your writing or art to the Humor Times to be considered for publication, please read this guide

First, we want you to know that we are operating on a very tight budget, and are not looking to take on any new paid content providers at this time.

Humor Times and how to subscribe, current issue cover.
Humor Times current issue cover — click to enlarge.

This could, and hopefully will, change, so you are welcome to introduce yourself and your work, to be considered for possible future compensated publication.

What we can offer you at this time is added exposure.

If we like what you do, we may offer you space on our website, and could possibly publish your work in our printed publication, although we also have very tight space considerations there, making it tougher to get into.

If we do offer you a presence on our site, we will likely ask you to post your articles and/or art yourself, once we get you set up initially. There are exceptions to this rule, however.

To be considered, please contact us here, or use the submissions form below. Include any publications, websites and blogs where you currently have your work published, as well as your contact information and examples of your work.

Thank you!

James Israel

Humor Times