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The Best Funny Videos Are More Than Humorous

The best funny videos do more than make us laugh, they tell us something about ourselves and our world.
Political humor videos are particularly suited to this, but videos don’t have to be political to have a subtext. Intelligent humor is always very popular, as people like to have their brains stimulated as well as their funny bone. Human behavior is often at the root of what we find funny — we like to laugh at ourselves!
On the Humor Times funny video pages, we like to present the best of the web. We search through sites like You Tube (YouTube) and Vimeo for the funniest videos, helping to winnow out the riff raff.

A Short History of Online Video

August this year will mark 50 years since computer science visionary Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider, or “Lick” as he was better known, penned, in an (D)ARPA installation, a series of memos that changed the world.
Lick envisioned a global interconnected computer network through which everyone could access data and programs from anywhere. This isn’t only the first recorded vision for what would later become the Internet, it’s also the first recorded description of computers as not only calculating machines, but as joyful tools of expression, inspiring creativity, and opening a gateway to a new age of globally accessible information.
In 1990 Sir Tim Berners Lee launched the World Wide Web when he created the first Web Server, Browser and Web pages. Three short years later, on June 24th, 1993 a performance by Severe Tire Damage became the first live gig on the Internet.
The story is that one of the bands members just happened to be Mark Weiser, the chief scientist at Xerox PARC. It was his suggestion that a broadcast of the band’s performance be used to test Internet based live streaming, a technology that was then undergoing development at the site.
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