Humor Times Cartoonists

Here's a list of cartoonists for the Humor Times.

  • Al Goodwyn
    Al Goodwyn is an award-winning editorial cartoonist. His work has appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines, books, and websites including the Washington Post, the Washington Times and the Washington Examiner.
  • Allen Purkapile
    Throughout the years I have always done some kind of artwork. Nothing too serious. A series of shoulder operations changed the way I use my arms. To help in the rehab I decided to start drawing again. I have been drawing with serious daughters say, "Dad your work is an... (full bio)
  • Andrea Beizer
    Andrea Beizer is a Philadelphia based artist, cartoonist, architect and college professor. Her strip, titled "Alice at Alice Cartoons ," features a character who is trying to cope as an individual within a complex, modern society.
  • Bill Harvey
    Bill Harvey discovered superhero comic books around age six, and from then on knew what he wanted to do in life. He works as a technician in the Detroit area.
  • Dan Alba
    Humor is what sustains Dan Alba during these unprecedented times we are all living through. After 40 years as an educator, Dan has the luxury of time to pursue his childhood dreams. Cartooning is an opportunity to merge formal education and teaching of history, political science and human behavior with... (full bio)
  • Dan Piraro
    Follow Dan Piraro's blog.
  • Daniel Medina
    Daniel Medina is an internationally published editorial cartoonist and is currently the staff editorial cartoonist for Matt Taibbi's news publication, TK News (soon to be rebranded to Racket). Daniel's cartoons branch off the historical narrative History From Below. Daniel's cartoons stand firmly against racism, xenophobia, hate, bigotry, and ignorance using... (full bio)
  • Harley Schwadron
    Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Harley Schwadron is a free lance cartoonist and illustrator for magazines and newspapers, large and small. He has also done hundreds of illustrations for books, magazines, op-ed pages and newsletters. After 20 years as a writer and editor he switched to full-time cartooning in l985.... (full bio)
  • Henry Lee
    Chicks ? Politics. Politics can be divisive, but with these baby birds, all eggs are on the table. Chirp chirp ??? Say hi: [email protected]
  • Hoss
    Hoss (John Taylor Jr.) is a cartoonist in Hebron, Maryland. He graduated from Salisbury University with a 2D illustration Bachelor of Arts degree in 2016, and currently lives in Hebron with his wife, Caitlin, and daughter Sophia. Hoss has been published in various online and printed publications. Follow Hoss on... (full bio)
  • Jason Coe and Hugo Camacho
    Cartoons by Jason Coe & Hugo Camacho.
  • Joe Heller
    Joe Heller was the staff editorial cartoonist for the Green Bay Press-Gazette from 1985 to 2013. Currently on his own, Joe’s cartoons appear in more than 400 publications, making him the most self-syndicated cartoonist in the nation.
  • John Anglin
    John Anglin is a gag cartoonist living in Chicago, IL. Drawing on experience working at zoos and nature centers, his cartoons feature lots of animals -- in planes, in offices, doing things animals aren't supposed to be doing.
  • John Gill
    John Gill creates sagacious cartoons featuring his stylized art, accompanied with clever captions, and refreshingly topped off with a dash of the profound. Gill's witty work makes for a worthwhile journey of the mind and psyche -- it's a curious journey that brilliantly bounces between the conscious and subconscious realms... (full bio)
  • John Stinger
    John Stinger’s weekly cartoons were syndicated in the military worldwide via the Stars and Stripes where he was voted Top Military Cartoonist for three years by the Department of Defense. He sold his first cartoon to a national publication as a teen and was recognized with a national award by... (full bio)
  • Jon Carter
    Being born on April Fool's day was a sure sign Jon Carter would be doing something funny. At 18 he landed his first regular freelance job as cartoonist for a local weekly newspaper and he's been working neurotically on them ever since.
  • Jon Tollervey
    Hello, my name’s Jon ...and I’ve just finished my PhD after following my head into academia, although sometimes I wish I’d listened to my heart and stuck with the cartoons! However, I have a dream (I’m sure I’ve heard that line somewhere before) and that’s to find a job where... (full bio)
  • Josh Zepess
    Josh Zepess is a speaker, writer, poet, and comedian (not the funny kind) who escaped the rat race in order to inspire people to think, create, and achieve true Freedom.
  • Laura Yang
    Yin + Yangster was officially launched in 2015 and started off as a single panel cartoon strip inspired by Gary Larson's The Far Side. In 2016, the strip was published in a local newspaper before going online at www.yangstercomics where it permanently resides today. Due to the increased demands of... (full bio)
  • Mark Lynch
    Mark Lynch brings you a unique brand of humor through the genre of panel cartoons. An Australian cartoonist, he was born sometime during the last century. His panel cartoons won 48 international and Australian awards, including National Cartoon of the Year (twice).
  • Mark Stivers
    Mark Stivers has had cartoons in Utne Reader, Harper's, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Funny Times, Forbes, The Daily Forward, as well as the Humor Times and many other publications. The Sacramento News & Review has published more than any other, including several covers and many illustrations. He lives in Sacramento,... (full bio)
  • Marko Kosonen
    Marko Kosonen Scandinavian filmmaker and digital artist that creates satirical social media posts and selfies (iPHONEYS) that reflect the times we live in.
  • Michael Capozzola
    Michael Capozzola is a San Francisco-based Stand Up Comedian and a published cartoonist. He’s contributed to The San Francisco Chronicle, National Lampoon, The New York Times, the Humor Times, McSweeney's and Mad Magazine. More info at
  • Mike Baldwin
    "As a young teen I rode my bike each week to my grandfather’s farm, 20 miles away to help cut his acres of lawn – and earn ten bucks," says Mike Baldwin. "At the end of the day, I’d pore though his stack of old New Yorker magazines. I loved... (full bio)
  • R. G. Karkovský
    ​True European citizen, R. G. Karkovsky is a photographer, director, designer, artist and writer. Apart from his creative work, he teaches visual communication and Belgian popular culture at several colleges. Sources indicate he is addicted to coffee and music.
  • Regi Taylor
    Regi Taylor is an artist, sculptor, PR pro, former political aide, published poet, Congressional Record citation recipient, Newspaper op/ed-features writer/editor, author, WTC Site Memorial competitor, Happily married father of four.
  • Rob Rogers
    Rob Rogers is the award-winning editorial cartoonist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. His cartoons have been vexing and entertaining readers in Pittsburgh since 1984.
  • Robert Waldo Brunelle JR
    I am a Vermont, painter, book illustrator, kinetic sculptor, retired art teacher and political cartoonist. My strip Mr Brunelle Explains It All appears weekly in Seven Days VT, and monthly in Funny Times and on this site.
  • Ruben Bolling
    Tom the Dancing Bug is the weekly comic strip by Ruben Bolling, appearing in fine newspapers and websites around the world, featuring insightful and hilarious social and political satire.
  • Tom Toles
    Thomas Gregory Toles (born October 22, 1951) is an American political cartoonist. He is the winner of the 1990 Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning.
  • Tony Rubino & Rich Hedden
    Avante Gauche Comics by Tony Rubino & Rich Hedden: Read one and it stays with you for days -- like a fungus or rash -- only funnier. In addition to the comic panel "Avant Gauche," Tony writes the daily cartoon strip "Daddy's Home," distributed by Creator's Syndicate. He has contributed... (full bio)
  • Tony Zuvela
    Tony Zuvela was born way back in the crazy, far out, groovy sixties; ’62 in fact… He currently lives with the four people inside his head, somewhere in Australia. His Hobbies are Arthritis and Medication. In 2004 he decided to give cartooning a full-time red-hot go (the silly fool!), and... (full bio)
  • William Lockett
    I am a retired Human SDeervices professional with a BFA Degree in Art Education from The Maryland Institute College of Art.