Funny Videos Wall of Fame

Our Favorite Funny Videos, Political and Non-political

These funny videos have been retired from one of our other video galleries. We like to keep those pages pretty current, so when we take the old ones down, we’ll save the best for this Wall of Fame. More at our Funny Videos Wall of Fame, Gallery II!

We scour the web for the best funny videos so you don’t have to! No tasteless junk here, just the good stuff. Enjoy!

Please also visit our other fun video pages: Funny Videos, Funny Political Videos, User-Submitted Videos and Funny Videos Wall of Fame, Gallery II.

Got a video you or a friend made that you’d like to submit to the Humor Times? Go to our User-Submitted Videos gallery and use the submission form there. We prefer videos that are scripted, rather than just funny things that happened, like “fail” videos, cute animals or kids, etc. While we too are amused by such films, there are plenty of places to find them. Here at the Humor Times, we’re trying to feature videos that take time and effort to write and produce. Thank you for understanding!
We plan on launching our own funny videos production company at some point. If you have skills in this area, and live near Sacramento, California, feel free to contact us regarding this project.
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