Talking Shit

Yes, it’s talking shit, literally – with a story to tell.

By Ramu Nunna

Throughout my existence, I’ve been called by many names: shit, poop, dump, dross. I’m aware of the yuck factor I provoke; after all, I’m smelly and gross. Yet, it’s essential to remember that I originate within you. My composition varies based on your diet, encompassing a multitude of races and ethnicities.

talking shit
Talking shit: A typical meeting place for my fellow feces. GFDL 1.2.

Once discarded and flushed away, I embark on a journey into a different realm through a series of water slides into my own Shitlantis. Here, I encounter fellow feces, each with its own story. However, not all feces are treated equally; some are deemed superior due to dietary choices, uphold a hierarchy among us.

Occasionally, I encounter individuals suffering from gastrointestinal issues, a reminder of the importance of digestive health. Neglecting our well-being can lead to dire consequences for both host and feces alike.

In my travels, I encounter poorly formed poops, filled with undigested remnants—a sight I dislike. Fortunately, my host tends to my needs, occasionally neglectful. It’s a symbiotic relationship that requires mutual care and attention.

As I navigate towards my destination, I observe discarded diapers, floating blissfully like paper boats in rain. A reminder of fleeting innocence. However, our world is divided between vegetarians and non-vegetarians, each with its own distinct characteristics and challenges.

A friend once recounted how his host attempted to withhold him, causing distress and discomfort. It’s a plea for understanding and acceptance; sometimes, you need to let go.

Back in old days we were left alone in the wild. Now we colonize the very drains you made, we call them our forts. Times have changed, and now our foes are consume by you.

Reflecting on societal norms, it’s interesting to think about how society views some poops differently. It’s like cats and dogs are treated as something special, almost their poop is aromatic, while people often turn a blind eye (and nose) to their own waste. It’s puzzling, isn’t it? Do those “elite” droppings not smell and stink like we do? These elite poops are adored, while your own are avoided. This hypocrisy is gross and indigestible.

Despite the disgust directed towards us, feces serve a vital purpose. From fertilizing crops to potentially generating electricity, my role is evolving. We hold significance beyond mere disgust. It’s ironic that while some may be disgusted by me, I can’t help but feel the same about those who produce me in the first place. After all, they’re the “hosts” responsible for my existence.

Embrace the essence of my existence, for within it lies a deeper understanding.

Ramu Nunna
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