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The Odds

Bill Harvey introduces himself:

I was born ( 1954 ) and raised north of Detroit, in the suburbs. I discovered superhero comic books around age six, and pretty much knew what I wanted to do in life. I’ve had some minor college training in art and design, but for the most part have relied on trial and error and practice, practice … practice ( at the artboard ) to hone my drawing skills.

I’ve made my day-job career in computer servicing and technician work, but I still rise early every work day to spend and hour or so at the artboard before getting on the road. And I’ve produced several action/adventure comic books, but never found success in that oft-glutted market. Several years ago, I turned my attention to humor comic strips. I like the challenge of single panel comics; one is forced to edit everything down to fit into one panel. Mainly that has to do with keeping captions small ( picking the right words, etc. ) yet at the same time putting enough visual information into the same space to convey the gag.

I lead a fairly quiet life, not many frills. I’m single, no dependents — married to my work, I think. I mail samples of THE ODDs to syndicates regularly.

Bill Harvey
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