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Political satire, fake news, funny videos, cartoonists, columnists… you name it! Please enjoy our guide to funny links to websites all over the world.

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Editorial and Political Cartoons
Michael Egan, cartoonist and humor columnist.

Iron E-News
Satire News. Liberal with Humor. Conservative with Truth.

Glossy News
A lab of mad scientists dedicated to engineering the perfect satire.

The Nil Admirari
America’s Most Swell News Source.

Humor Sapiens
Compilation of the major milestones of the history of humor sorted chronologically. Timeline of the history of humor. In Spanish.

Parody of Healthcare.Gov.
The Funny Encyclopedia You Can Make Even Funnier. Visit it to laugh at funny pictures, jokes, and very stupid questions.
Fun stuff.

Sports Online
A Splash of Sports Humor.

How to Win a Fight With a Conservative
The ultimate survival guide to arguing politics.

Fricken Funny Flash
Funny flash videos.

Fricken Funny Pics
Funniest pics on the net.

Around the World in 80 Jobs
Traveling the world, one job at a time.

Liberals Unite
Funny political news stories, fake news, etc.

Iron E-News
Satire News. Liberal with Humor. Conservative with Truth.

Around the World in 80 Jobs
Traveling the world, one job at a time, by Turner Barr. Find him on Facebook, Google+ & Twitter.

Port/Noise Magazine

OMFG Gossip
Pop culture, celebrity life and everything in between never ceases to amaze us.

Humor Gazette
John Breneman’s sharp satire on politics, pop culture and media (since 2003).

Humor with a bite.

Brian Malow, Science Comedian
Earth’s Premier Science Comedian (self-proclaimed). Brian has performed for NASA, JPL, NIST, AAAS, ACS – and many other acronyms.

Jacob Sanders Illustration
Great political satire art and more.

Political Cartoon Society
Promoting political cartoons by amusing, informing and educating.

Funny And Jewish
Choice Humor for Chosen People

Derf Magazine
Derf is dedicated to making fun of everything! Great website and also a print publication.

The Clayman
3D & 2D animation services and much more.

Comic Book Guide
Comics online, free comic books, old, vintage, back issue comics.

Daily Discord
A Place for Raging Moderates, Tragic Optimists, and Integral Outcasts. We are not at all well!

Check your common sense at the gate, partake of your favorite adult beverage over at our pathetically-stocked bar of cheap booze and distasteful mixers, and graze on some fresh nonsense.

Humor columnist Kathleen Norton
From New York, Kathleen writes about middle age, marriage, other causes of insanity and goes by this motto: I might as well laugh at myself. Everyone else is.
Every day we will provide you with 7 Reasons.

Funny Church Signs
Everyone loves a funny sign, and sometimes humor is found in places you’d least expect it: churches!

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