[Disclaimer: This is a satirical news piece, just for fun, read at your own risk!]

Tucker Carlson Excited by Newfound Friendship with Putin

Excited by his newfound friendship with Putin following his interview with him, Tucker Carlson wants more.

By Jahed Ahmed

Excited by the newfound attention following his interview with Putin, former Fox journalist Tucker Carlson revealed, “President Putin and I hit it off immediately, and he divulged some top-secret information that he usually wouldn’t share with any other American — except for President Trump, of course!”

Vladimir Putin and Tucker Carlson, friendship with Putin
Carlson excited by friendship with Putin. Photo: Kremlin.ru, CC BY 4.0

When asked if there were any indications during the meeting that Putin would soon eliminate opposition leader Mr. Alexei Navalny, Carson responded, “President Putin may have hinted at something, but I must admit, at times during the meeting, I got carried away with too much excitement to truly remember everything he said.”

“With Mr. Navalny’s unfortunate demise, I sincerely regret not paying more attention,” Mr. Carson said with a somber expression. “Moving forward, I aim to cement my friendship with Putin by meeting with him biannually to prevent any future premature death of Putin critics.”

In a related exchange, when prompted about Carson’s proposed biannual meetings with President Putin, Mr. Trump chimed in, “It’s a brilliant idea. In fact, I suggested the Putin interview since it had been a while since I had a one-on-one chat with President Putin.

“Everyone knows I’m like Navalny, being a victim, and Biden is like Putin, persecuting me. But I can tame Putin like a little kitty cat.

“In fact, another rendezvous between Carson and Putin won’t be necessary,” Trump said. “Once reelected I plan to chat with Putin everyday.”

“Together, we will Make America Great Again,” Trump added.