[Disclaimer: This is a satirical news piece, just for fun, read at your own risk!]

Joe Biden Denies Memory Loss

President Biden insists he does not suffer from memory loss, despite special counsel’s report, but he remains a gaffe machine.

By Jahed Ahmed

President Joe Biden has vehemently denied the special counsel’s report alleging dementia and memory loss. “My memory is top-notch,” Biden insisted at a press conference.

biden memory loss
The president, seen here trying to protect his head from prevent further memory loss.

When a journalist tested the president’s memory by asking him to differentiate between two well-known figures named Bill and Jill. Mr. Biden quickly replied, “President Jill Clinton is a legend, and I draw inspiration from his presidency. Bill, on the other hand, is my beloved wife.”

The White House press secretary later attributed the president’s humorous mix-up to forgetting to wear his hearing aid, clarifying that it was not a sign of cognitive decline.

In a separate event, former president Trump took a jab at Biden, referencing the special counsel report.

“Unlike Joe, I have no memory issues,” Trump told journalists during a campaign stop. “It’s terrible thing that Joe Biden couldn’t recall who Bill Clinton is,” he remarked. “I never forget who Bill Clinton is.

Bill Clinton’s legacy, such as the Iraq war, are unforgettable,” Trump added.

This article is as fictional as a unicorn riding a skateboard and is intended purely for entertainment purposes.