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Jun 202017
 By , June 20, 2017
Trump's Lawyers' Lament: A Poem

Trump’s Lawyers’ Lament Comey said just what they thought. It came as no surprise. “But do not tweet no matter what,” his lawyers did advise. So junior was the surrogate, who rolled out all the tweets as more news spread of Russiagate across the nation’s [more…]

Jun 162017
 By , June 16, 2017
Melania's Tweet Moratorium Tweaks Twit

Now that Melania has climbed into bed with the President & joined other 1st ladies who have done the same… No — let me start over. Now that Melania has joined Martha, Dolley & Mamie in their duty to sleep next to their husbands, she’s ready [more…]

Jun 132017
 By , June 13, 2017
Sherlock Holmes Asks: Why Didn't the FBI Watchdog Bark?

Famed British sleuth says former FBI director James Comey’s testimony is ‘More full of misdirections and sleights of hand than a circus conjuror.’ LONDON – Sherlock Holmes, the celebrated Victorian private eye, emerged from the shadows of literary history last night to repeat his famous [more…]

May 312017
 By , May 31, 2017
A Fly on the Wall at an Early Trump Cabinet Meeting

What were the first Trump cabinet meetings like? Wonder no more… “OK, are we all here?” demanded the President Select, as he rushed in fashionably late to his own White House staff meeting. “Yes, Mr. President, all are present,” answered Kellyanne Conway for everyone in [more…]

May 302017
 By , May 30, 2017
Meet an Unapologetic Muslim Hater and Alaskan Office Holder

Anchorage Assembly member and radio talk show ringleader Amy Demboski refuses to apologize for her off-base anti-Muslim comments. Anchorage Assembly member and radio talk show ringleader, Amy Demboski, was recently accused of calling Big Lake electrician Gregory Jones a terrorist. She refuses to apologize for [more…]