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Aug 202017
'Total Eclipse of Tolerance?': Latest Edition of HT's FREE App!

New edition: “Total Eclipse: Hate tries to eclipse tolerance in Trump’s America” – Now available on our FREE Humor Times “News in Cartoons” app! In the latest edition of the News in Cartoons Humor Times app, called Total Eclipse, the world’s greatest editorial cartoonists (who [more…]

Aug 012017
Activists Create Illusion That Election-Winning Populist Issues Are Part of DNC's 'Better Deal'

“Never once did anyone express doubt that these were the actual new positions of the Democratic Party’s ‘Better Deal’ — because why shouldn’t they be?” — Andy Bichlbaum of the Yes Men One week after Democrats in Congress announced “A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better [more…]

Jul 272017
'Dead on Arrival': Latest Edition of HT's FREE 'News in Cartoons' App!

New edition: “Dead on Arrival: But like a zombie, still looking for victims” – A review of the GOP effort to “repeal and replace” health care – Now available on our FREE Humor Times app! In the latest edition of the “News in Cartoons” Humor [more…]

Jul 262017
 By , July 26, 2017
Mensa Makes Special Genius Category for Trump

Mensa found in Trump a troubling enigma, causing them to review their statuses   Mensa Makes Special Genius Category For Trump. Mensa, the international high intelligence group that only accepts people who pass a difficult IQ test, have in the age of Trump found a [more…]

Jul 102017
 By , July 10, 2017
We Are a Fly on the Wall at a GOP Health Care Meeting

Listening in on a Republican meeting of the minds on health care: “What are we going to do about health care?” whispered Mitch McConnell secretly to Mike Pence. “If we don’t get this new AbominableCare bill through, our handlers will come down on us heavy!” [more…]

Jul 052017
 By , July 5, 2017
Aspersions on Their Asparagus

Casting aspersions on the deserving Louie Gohmerts of the world One of my favorite quotes is from Texas’ 1st Congressional District Representative, Louie Gohmert. It was during a house grilling of then Attorney General Eric Holder. Holder was appearing before Congress for being… umm… competent? [more…]

Jun 202017
 By , June 20, 2017
Trump's Lawyers' Lament: A Poem

Trump’s Lawyers’ Lament Comey said just what they thought. It came as no surprise. “But do not tweet no matter what,” his lawyers did advise. So junior was the surrogate, who rolled out all the tweets as more news spread of Russiagate across the nation’s [more…]

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