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Jul 262014
 By , July 26, 2014
Today's Supreme Court: Let's Talk Impeachment

The ‘Extreme Supreme 5′ is sullying the reputation of the Supreme Court What can you say about Hobby Lobby? It seems one of their corporate “hobbies” is religion. The proposition that a company or a corporation can have religious beliefs seems laughable on its face [more...]

Jun 262014
 By , June 26, 2014
Blame Game: The All American Sport (a Poem)

The Blame Game: It’s how we roll   Iraq is afire as ISIS runs wild Inducing a flood of political bile Lacking ideas to put out the flame Pols look to finger someone to blame   Obama’s at fault, intones the far right He shouldn’t [more...]

Jun 092014
 By , June 9, 2014
Marmaduke, Everyone's Favorite Hound

Insight on Cartoonists: An interview with Brad Anderson, creator of “Marmaduke” Brad Anderson’s Marmaduke has graced the comic pages of newspapers since it went into syndication oodles of years ago. It has been so popular, in fact, that Wikipedia tells us, “attempts to cancel the [more...]

Jun 052014
 By , June 5, 2014
Meet Mike Luckovich
Meet Mike Luckovich

Insight on Cartoonists: Mike Luckovich When a top-notch newspaper like the Atlanta Journal Constitution has a Mike Luckovich working for it, you know it not only has ‘luck’ on its side, but an exceptional artist as well. [Mr. Luckovich's work is also featured prominently in [more...]

Jun 052014
A National Call to Link Arms for Democracy

Guest Editorial: Let’s work together to reform our democracy and make it work. By Victoria Collier and Ben Zion-Ptashnik. Copyright, Reprinted with permission. (A guest editorial — not fake news or satire! This article, reprinted with permission, deftly articulates a position we have editorialized [more...]

May 162014
 By , May 16, 2014
Republicans Cry Benghazi - A Poem

Republicans Cry Benghazi Mother earth just keeps getting hotter Superstorms can’t be held at bay Drought is spreading all across the midlands Time for action fast slipping away And Republicans whisper Benghazi The economy it lolls in the doldrums Unemployment has barely declined One percenters [more...]