Thou Slayest

Whether by accident or by design, the scene at the press conference
in Uvalde bore an uncanny resemblance to Christ before Pilate, with
Pharisees flanking the Governor of Texas on either side, while those
yelling epithets at Beto O’Rourke as he rendered unto Abbott played
their parts with a passion belying their status as pagan bureaucrats.
As O’Rourke exited the arena, he spoke to the crowd in their tongue,
then left the forum, as if preparing to ride on to Calvary to meet fate.
Two robber barons await him there—the NRA and the Republicans.
They will beg for forgiveness, plus a chance to redeem themselves.
Lord only knows which one (if either) will get to witness insurrection.
O’Rourke staged the seasonal drama, but his supporting cast knew
the script by heart, even as they lost their minds. Beto may not win
the election, but his political opponents are going straight to hell, as
early as the Fall. They would have done better to give Beto the floor,
and return the checks. Those who live by the bullet, die by the ballot.

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Signed: Dennis Rohatyn