John Eastman-you have the right to remain silent

Everchanging recipes refine GOP GRIFT and TREASON- (including murder)- Bannon said so.

Believe Ivanka and Jared threw in a towel? -not til -CASHING OUT America.

Jared’s – 2 billion (grift wrapped) SAUDI investments… dismembered, hacked, BUTCHERED.

Team Ivanka CASHED IN on her “felony” highway to Hell, Trump’s kids- PRIVATE self-serve lane.

Bill Barr walks away from HIS (still smoldering) train wreck- whadda finale!

Whistling Dixie and Quitting HIS insurrection 10 minutes before broken glass- standup guy “Barr” wrote fairytale soundQUACKS… outlining his “IM-A-HERO- BULLSHIT”- fantasy.

FOX has the “reight” idea- take the biggest political COUP event in our lifetimes (slay it never happened)- pay Hannity millions to spoon feed the blind- call it a trailer park charity event-

Shlepping expired cat- Chef Hannity provides a banquet-if you’re a brainwashed evangelist- (living NO lives).

Cop’s being murdered on the Capital steps- a FOX – “nothing” burger (made of human flesh), watch Tucker Carlson wash down police bones with HIS diet Pepsi infomercials.

Roger Stone- (convicted felon), throat slitter, Oafish Keeper – Proud Boy Commander, War Room Director- it’s recorded, date stamped, videoed.

Merrick Garland… ARREST JOHN EASTMAN now.

Will America hear actual details about how highest-level TRAITORS in the Pentagon- guaranteed nobody showed up to defend OUR Capital.

General Charlie Flynn, DURING A CRISIS- unplugged everyone’s BAT phone, commissioner Gordon reminded Flynn-(the JOKER) he WAS present… wearing stars.

Half the GOP Senate is secretly financed by VAMPutin, because “grift SUCKING costs money” -follow PUTIN’S payout to GOP pork barrels – comrades.

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Signed: Glenn Jones